Absolut Vodka Blank Graffiti Street Art


Absolute vodka are an iconic drinks brand with a long affiliation with art. We couldn’t wait to start work on a massive evolving advert, allowing us the creative freedom we love, on the wall of Cordy House, Hoxton.


The advert gradually built up, gaining momentum, over the course of a month. Passers by were able to watch as the image grew, changed and revealed a greater picture. This method meant that East London residents and workers were able to join in the discussion, keeping an eye out for any new additions to the work!

 Absolut Blank Street Art Graffiti Kings

Absolut Street Art Graffiti Kings

Absolut Blank

Absolut Blank Graffiti Street Art London

Absolut Blank Graffiti Street Art

Written by Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings

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