Graffiti Kings, 68 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London, England, EC2A 3AY

Mural Art Inquiries – Darren Cullen

12pm/5pm 0208 123 0904

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Clothing & Merchandise – Jets

12pm/5pm 07712741875 – 0116 251 0307





2 Reasons Why You Should Use Us


In short, Graffiti Kings is a Graffiti Street Art Collective – Streetwear brand & online Radio station. More details here.
A worldwide authentic graffiti and urban sub-culture brand, a trusted leader of this global subculture community. Our worldwide audience consists of a hard to reach online demographic of brand conscious thought leaders, but more importantly an online audience that engages by commenting, liking & sharing in their thousands daily.
Graffiti Kings online platforms receive on average 4 million monthly views with 10 million page views.
Graffiti Kings online global rank is a very respectful 900,000

1. When you commission the Graffiti Kings you get the Graffiti Kings, unlike many other graffiti companies that will outsource their work to other graffiti artists, kids in some cases. Most with no background checks, professionalism and a very low standard in painting skills, will you know the difference? so commission the Graffiti Kings for a quality service, NO monkeys or peanuts here, although I’m sure you can already see this by our quality work, testimonials & repeat client list, many that are worldwide brands that demand nothing but the highest professionalism. 

2. We will showcase your brand or product using the authentic look of street art & place it in front of millions of people around the world within hours. More info HERE.