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I’m Darren Cullen & welcome to Graffiti Kings, the world’s first professional graffiti artist company (graffiti artists for hire). Me & my team don’t just paint walls, we bring walls to life, plus no job is too big or too.

I’m the only professional graffiti artist who is approved by the British Government and was the official graffiti artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games, so your in the best hands available. 

Take a look at our quality artwork below and on the many other pages, I hope to hear from you soon. 

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Darren Cullen Graffiti Artists SER

British pop music royalty Tinie Tempah and Plan B standing in front of a wall we painted for them.


Darren Cullen The Graffiti Artist

The Graffiti KiNGS are Led by the world legendary Graffiti Artist ‘SER’ aka Darren Cullen 40 years of age from London.

Words often used; legendary, world renown, infamous, notorious are said to describe graffiti Artist SER aka Darren Cullen. Hailing from South London SER began his graffiti career way back in 1983, at the very birth of British graffiti; he is regarded as a UK graffiti pioneer and king. His path in graffiti started like many graffiti artists with the birth of hip hop culture in the early 80s. Exploring every aspect of the graffiti writing scene SER found himself emblazoning his name across the streets and walls of London. This led to a greater need to increase his presence to the public so began the systematic destruction of the bus, train networks and rail infrastructure across the UK.

There then comes a point in every Graffiti artist’s life when their illegal activity becomes of great interest to the Police and local authorities. This is the time when a decision must be made as having a cell as a second home isn’t that appealing. This decision spurred SER into forming the ‘Graffiti kings’ the UKs first professional graffiti art company and graffiti artist agency. Remaining at the forefront and cutting edge of graffiti culture, this collective of artistic individuals range from; graffiti artists, graphic and fashion designers, film directors, musicians to poets. The Graffiti Kings are a powerful visionary force when it comes to coming up with new creative ideas.

In his spare time if Darren is not painting you will find him somewhere in Kent camping with his wife and three children.

Here are a few interviews with Darren, some old and new to give you an idea of his life over the years as a professional Graffiti Artist which has proved inspiring to many young people of today seeking turning their troubles into a positive force for good. 

The start for Ser

In 1983 two school friends came back from New York to Croydon (where I lived in South London) and they’d adopted cool nicknames. I was a kid so naturally I took a nickname too (mine was ‘Flash’). We would scribble our names on school benches, desks, etc. That was before I’d even heard of anything called graffiti. In 1984 I watched a movie called Style Wars, we watched kids painting their nicknames/tags on walls & trains using spray paint, well that day we all caught the bug and started learning about spray paint! We’d pause the movie and try and copy the letters.

Although as an artist I’m known as ‘Ser’ that was originally a crew name. It stood for South East Rockers because that was our part of London! It wasn’t a very official or organized crew – it was a very open crew and lots of people used to put up the letters SER by their pieces as that’s where they came from, the South East. In the late 1980s and early 1990s people stopped writing ‘SER’ so I took it over and used it as my own name.

The Start of a Career

My younger brother Danny was also involved in graffiti and was arrested in the mid 1990s. The police were pretty cool about it and said there were graffiti workshops at a local youth club in Mitcham – they suggested he should go down there and gave him the dates.

OK so me and Danny plus many other kids had turned up to the youth club in Mitcham but there wasn’t any workshop. Turns out there was a probation service next to the youth club and the youth club had talked about planning these workshops but had not got around to starting them, they needed someone to run them. Well between the probation service and the police the message had become twisted and that these workshops were actually happening. The police was sending kids to the youth club for weeks and each week the kids was told the same story, the kids would tell the youth club to find a graffiti artist called SER as hes the best there is (BIG HEAD MOMENT) so me & Danny are being told this story and a man from the youth club had over heard my name SER being called by a lot of the kids. He asked me if I’m Darren Cullen the graffiti artist called SER, I say yes and he starts dancing around the the youth center like Mary Poppins. He asked me if I would teach the workshops, I accepted – they paid me and gave me spray paint. This is the day that changed my life.

By week two we were already turning kids away, teaching one day a week became two days a week and eventually five days a week, twice a day! The youth club was delighted & other council youth services (like Croyden, Sutton and Lambeth) had all heard about my workshops & asked me to run my workshops in their boroughs. My time was already full over in Mitcham so I started asking my friends to teach as well! Graffiti Kings was formed.

What happened next was crazy! The manager of West Croydon train station walks into the youth club one day and asked for me. He has a problem with the local kids vandalizing his station but he didn’t want to call the police; he got to know the kids by their first names and wanted to help them.  He asked me if I would work with the kids by letting them join our workshops, all the workshops was full so I couldn’t help him. He said we can paint the outside of Wallington train station. That’s right – the manager of a train station asked graffiti writers to paint train stations. 

A little while after the same manager got in touch with me again and said the murals had been untouched and unvandalised. The public loved them so he asked if we would paint some more. The train company Connex wanted to employ me full-time painting stations with the kids/teenagers responsible for vandalising their stations! When it came to employ me there was no suitable job title within Connex for me, so in order for me to become an official Connex employee I stood on East Croydon station blowing a whistle telling the train drivers when they could take the trains out of the station, yes this really happened. After 3 days I was officially a station attendant, the days/months after that I never got to see another whistle. I started painting the stations and call my friends to help out, guys like Stylo, Zomby, Teach, Fume, Coz, Solo-1, She-1, Eine, Oker, Rough, Mear, Dan, Banksy etc. Free paint, why not! After Connex I worked as a consultant for Railtrack and Thameslink doing the same thing: working with ‘vandals’ to paint stations! getting them to be creative and see graffiti as an art form.

The local authorities and Railtrack had noticed that the vandalism in the areas I was working on had dropped remarkably low, the lowest ever and put it down the the work/program I was creating. They moved me over to Kent to see if it the program could be replicated. It was! We painted stations there too and it had the same effect – less vandalism. A government department called the DETR came in and worked/followed me for weeks to conduct a report on my program. The DETR found my program working with young people around the positive side of graffiti art a success, the report was sent to every government department and basically said – if you have a graffiti idea positive or negative you need to speak to Darren Cullen :) BOOOMMM…. I was officially endorsed by the government.

By this point I was in my early 20s and still wearing a hoodie. I was invited to a meeting of rail industry representatives to see about taking the program national. In short at the end of a long-meeting they decided against it?. Maybe they were scared that the graffiti cleaning industry worth millions & millions would disappear if the program went national and worked? 

After that meeting I quit working for the rail companies and went solo (that was 1996) years go by and I’m painting/DJ-ing all over world (another story) I decide to start the UKs first professional graffiti art company Graffiti Kings.

About The Graffiti Kings

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Albert Einstein

Graffiti Kings is currently split into five different branches:

1. First and foremost we are Graffiti Artists for hire, from interior design on bedroom walls to advertising campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands.

2. We produce our own custom range of Merchandise, this includes clothing and various accessories.

3. We have official Graffiti Kings products with:

Sony PlayStation

Sport Tape

Frame TV

Name Smith

4. We run GK Radio, which is one of the world’s biggest internet radio stations. We broadcast every weeknight and weekend with DJs from all over the world.

5. We offer online marketing services like Bring The Noise, so you can use us to reach a really specific demographic using our hugely successful online channels.

Why Use Us

We are passionate about our work and only have the best artists working for us. We do not outsource work to artists with low standards and no professionalism, meaning you always get the best results. We also have a huge audience on social media, including over 800,000+ Facebook fans, over 100,000+ Twitter followers and over 70,000+ Instagram fans.

Our high standards mean you will get a project that exceeds your expectations because our artists are able to enhance and add value to your initial ideas. We are so confident about our work that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our work, for more information see our Terms and Conditions.

Once we have completed your project you can use our social media presence to get maximum exposure for your company. We start by uploading pictures one at a time of the work, including links to your company website in the caption. This gives maximum exposure and ensures the highest number of our fans will see your post. To increase the exposure of the project even further we also make each post into a competition by giving away Graffiti Kings merchandise, creating even more buzz around the artwork.

These simple social media steps will get you the most exposure from your work and hopefully lead to your business becoming busier and more successful.

When you hire Graffiti Kings, you get so much more than just paint on a wall, we will exceed your expectations and help you be a part of the huge street art movement.
Graffiti Kings, the official home of graffiti artist by Darren Cullen