We can show you how graffiti & street art can be used to bring any type of space to life from bedroom, office, club, studio to the street.

Outdoor Advertising

Glasgow Swimming Graffiti Mural

AV Shoreditch Street Art

 Graffiti ARTS

Planet Of The Apes Graffiti

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Tattoo Graffiti Mural

If you’re looking for a creative approach, combined with a big impact on the street, then a mural could be the perfect solution. Graffiti Kings has exclusive access to a large selection of amazing sites right in the heart of Shoreditch, Soho, Camden and Notting Hill, targeting a creative and diverse audience (see here).


Indoor Decoration – Homes. Offices, Shops, Bars, Clubs

From your initial ideas and concepts, Graffiti Kings will work closely with you to settle on the type of graffiti style that works best for you. You can decide whether you want to be involved in every step of the way or if you are happy to just point us in the right direction and set our creativity free. Our portfolio of sites can be used as a blank canvas – so if you imagine it, we’ll create it.

Graffiti Art Canvas

Graffiti Artists London

Albert Ainstein Graffiti Mural

African Animals Graffiti Mural

Disney Car Graffiti Bedroom Mural


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Tropical Beach graffiti MuralOld Lady Apples Graffiti MuralBedroom Graffiti Mural


Girls Bedroom Graffiti Mural

Marilyn Monroe Graffiti

Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Graffiti Mural


Graffiti Mural

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Graffiti Kings


underwater graffiti scene

Spiderman Bedroom Graffiti Mural

Disney Pixar Ice Age Graffiti Mural

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Graffiti Kings can help you, no matter what mood you want to create or what reaction you want to get.