Your audience will be amazed as Graffiti Kings create a masterpiece right before their eyes!

Below are a few ideas to engage with an audience 

Before the start of the event we create a basic design based on the event/brand and throughout the event, your guests can help finish the artwork overseen by us. Alternatively, we can simply provide an attraction finishing with the creation of a wow factor masterpiece. The image below is a wall we painted with the cast of Hollywood blockbuster film Suicide Squad. We erected a tempory wall & helped the guests paint a themed mural for their film.

Live Graffiti Workshop

We can paint on ready-to-hang framed canvases so your client can hang the finished artwork in their office or auction for charity.

Live Art On Canvas


 Clothing: Each guest at the event can take home their very own graffiti piece of clothing displaying their name on a T-Shirt or Cap.

Graffiti Clothing

We can paint the whole or part of the decor of the venue before your audience arrives to give it the real authentic 70s New York urban look or keep it clean/safe with a few great pieces of art here & there to just add some life to the venue.

Graffiti Art Backdrop Live

Graffiti Art Backdrop Live

 Each guest at the event can take home their very own graffiti piece of art displaying their name or face.

Live Graffiti Art

Live art on products – we have done skateboards, laptops, iPads, bikes to name a few.

Graffiti Live Artist

We guarantee that all our products are completely safe to use indoors. The spray paint and marker pens that we use are water-based chalk powder products and have no odor, perfect for indoor use & safe by food.

Chalkspray Paint
Live Graffiti Artist