When you work with us we want to add value to the project & apart from being the best artists/company to work with our 2nd USP I`m sure is our massive online presence.

2 options:

One – We paint a wall – post it on our website & all social media sites – photos & text only – a simple execution that always works.

Two – We take the project to the ultimate level – details below.


Graffiti Kings will produce a short viral video and place it in front of millions of people around the world.

This will be executed in our 4 stage plan.

Stage 1: We will plan, design, create, film and edit a short viral video tailored to your brand/product. This will be posted on our Facebook site and potentially our partner sites around the world (info below) You will have full rights to the finished video and artwork.

A video of your brand/product featuring authentic street art will cause the audience to be mesmerized by the creation as it unfolds in front of their eyes, along with being subconsciously fed your brand/product. It’s guaranteed and proven to capture any audience’s attention for the duration of the video, which makes it ideal for a massive viral impact using our audience.

Stage 2 comes in 3 stages for social media sites only.

1. Exclusively take over our Facebook header with your own custom header (example below)

2. We upload the video with links linking back to you.

3. Create a post with a collection of photos from the project – start to finish project collection. 

On average in 1 day using our Facebook page you’ll reach a minimum of 100,000 to 600,000 people, in some cases, it could be millions.

Stage 3: We will add a top position blog post on our website home page. The Graffiti Kings website is our shop window to the world & is ranked very high – details HERE

Stage 4: Email a newsletter regarding our collaboration with you to our online street art partners worldwide.

We do this to attract an even bigger audience. Our partners run some of the top ranking street art and urban blogs around the world & always interested to know what we are up to & who we are working with. It’s possible they will add the project to their own sites. This is the main method we use to promote our own projects and has helped us build our Facebook page to over two+ million followers.

So that’s it, 4 stages of what we do! & do very well.

Graffiti Kings Facebook 

Graffiti Kings Stats




£6000 for video creation, edit and online social push as above to millions of people around the world.

Painting of the artwork will be an extra cost & this will depend on many other factors (get in touch) it may be the case that we are already painting something for you and the video product above is an added extra.

Get in touch with Darren Cullen to discuss your graffiti requirements.

Darren Cullen

Tel: 0208 123 0904

Email – info@graffitikings.co.uk 





Written by Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings

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