Only The Brave by Diesel Graffiti Project

Personal name boards given to Boots customers / created live in shopping stores across the UK.

Only The Brave Diesel – What they required : Diesel wanted to hook up with the Graffiti Kings graffiti artists to help launch the world’s NUMBER 1 men’s cologne ‘Only the Brave’. To create a youthful impact by promoting the product as the most trendy and cool cologne to wear.

Outcome : Graffiti art made exponentially popular by artists such as Banksy have made it so popular it has become an essential marketing tool to attract the attention of today’s consumer of all generations. People are intrigued by street art more than ever now, and we are the best and most authentic to deliver it! Another successful campaign as we traveled around the whole of the UK promoting the product. It became their best seller.

Only The Brave Diesel Campaign – CLASS


Diesel only the brave diesel graffitiDiesel only the brave graffiti kings jacket

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