SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO last month we released our official Graffiti Kings “Burners” Theme on the PlayStation Network Store to 67.8 million WORLDWIDE PlayStation users of the PS3, PSP & PS Vita 🙂 the theme was & still a MASSIVE success that we have released another 🙂 So here is our 2nd official Graffiti Kings PlayStation Theme “Skulls” designed by Graffiti Kings founder “BIG Poppa SER” & his partner in crime “ArtJaz”  The artwork is colourful, powerful, sharp, crisp and when displayed on an HD TV feels like the wall is in front of you and the spray paint is still drippy wet.

Over the next few months PlayStation & Graffiti Kings will be releasing more Themes & Avatars by Graffiti Kings Artists SER & ArtJaz with a few MASSIVE worldwide artists to be announced at a later date 🙂 Up next Ser & ArtJaz let loose a moving 3D Dynamic theme, a type of theme never seen on the PlayStation Network.

Watch this space for the many other projects we have coming up with PlayStation – ITS GONNA BE EPIC.

For more info checkout the guys that made this possible & our new BEST FRIENDS in the world 🙂 over at The Studio


Written by Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings

AKA Graffiti/Street Artist **SER** is a trusted leader of this global subculture community of Graffiti & Street Art. The current innovation and updates of the field lures him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.