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girlswithsexytattoos:Art of the Body and Beauty in a Canvased Skin make this an Ocular Treat Rarely Tasted…girlswithsexytattoos:Art of the Body and Beauty in a Canvased Skin make this an Ocular Treat Rarely Tasted…http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/sanpiano:guido van heltonedwardnightingale:Roots, Mexico City 2017lostangelesstreetart:@artworkbyartlord #streetart #losangeles #mural #art #streetartist #marilynmonroe #urbanart #rsa_graffiti #rsa_preciousjunk #rsa_streetview #dsb_graff #artist #arte #arteurbano #be_one_urbanart #royalsnappingartists #tv_streetart #infamous_family #igla #LA #melrose #alley #alleyart #palmtree #hollywood (at Melrose Avenue)kygo:instagram: phillipeithartpornmagazine:Jed Devine  Artporn Magazine is on Facebooklupitovi:  David Walker✪ PIMP MY KICKS by Graffiti Kings ✪————————————————-►► www.graffitikings.co.uk/blog ►►me-myself-and—-i:  ❤❤artprimo:  The homie @omsk167 killin it at #splashfestival 💦💦💦soundsnaked:  Source: @the_hulaatasc13:Berlin (RFA), Urban Nation, 2017, par D*Face & Shepard Faireycoloursxart:  By Chris Saunderssoundsnaked:  Source: @gondekdrawskygo:  instagram: phillipeithvistale:You’re never alone in the ocean.new-brutalism:Blackwall Tunnel ventilation towers, Terry Farrell for GLC Architect’s Dept. 1964Photo: Simon Phippsnoisemx:  Jon Jaylo - For Better, For Worse (2017).Pen & Ink on Watercolor Board.streetartscavenger:  By @vonpaulandcourtney (instagram)barbarapicci:  “The end” by #ElenaLópezFerran#error404 #visualpoetry #toiletpaper #lolmr-mahaffey:  Happy (almost) 4th! And cheers to those who celebrate freedom above war and love above hate.idleimages:  Casually.streetbefashion:  Dress Well Or Die Trying: Follow @streetbefashion​streetbefashion:  ethvnknt:More Here | IG | ETHVNKNTDress Well Or Die Trying: Follow @streetbefashion​streetartsf:  I loved this town.Unknown.Lombard St @ Steiner in San Francisco, Cacourvr:  courv.rpassemag:x xthelavishsociety:  Nike Wmns Flyknit Lunar 3 by Titolo Shop (Shop) | LVSHkygo:  follow @yungsage for moremadstylers:  madstylers.com SHANE BY @shanehello_______________________#madstylers #graffiti #graff #style #colorful #graffporn #stylewriting #summer #sprayart #graffitiart http://ift.tt/2t1W5cGyasputa:  yasputaerror888:Two members of the Bertram Mills Circus walk head-to-head at Hammersmith Broadway in London, 1953 / HistoryPornvividessentials:   Tasty selection of gourmet burgers and skewers | vividessentials Visit Vivid Essentials on Instagram!artmoi:  @sethglobepainter-blog in Rennes / photo by @sophiedf35artmoi:  @tatunga and @kameahadar in orlando, florida / photo by @themuseumofurbanartartmoi:  @sethglobepainter-blog in paris / photo by @miclgbetrosla:  Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca. Illes Balears. 17/04/2017. Foto de Pepín.nycnostalgia:  The couple that wears leather together, stays together.soldiers-of-war:  VENEZUELA. Caracas. May 8, 2017. A Venezuelan opposition activist sits against a wall reading “Freedom!” during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro.Photograph: Juan Barreto/AFP/Gettycoloursxart:  Peace Waratah by Shepard Fairey - Located in Sydney, Australiathcrstlshp:  Our good friend and The Crystal Ship artist @1010zzz just completed his latest work for @muralfestival! #loveoostende #loveabstract #loveleentje https://www.instagram.com/p/BVsTDzcjqVb/noisemx:  Liudmila Kirdiashkina - Hawk Suit.



Hip Hop MC – Bjorn Majestik

  I’m from NYC, been here all my life. From the 78 to now. Moved around a lot as a kid cause of rent and also cause my dad at the time when we were with him. He was mentally not all there and would fight a lot, so that caused us to go from […]

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Graffiti Kings Air Jordan BMW 400ml

The 400ml Graffiti Air Jordan BMW

Just when you thought Air Jordans had infiltrated every possible aspect of your life, Graffiti crew 400ML and car modifiers iAcro have linked up to bring an iconic style to the road. The two recently treated a BMW M3 to an Air Jordan-inspired paint job, pulling direct cues from the original “Chicago” Air Jordan 1. That includes the red and white panels, Swooshes, various […]

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