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girlswithsexytattoos:Art of the Body and Beauty in a Canvased Skin make this an Ocular Treat Rarely Tasted…girlswithsexytattoos:Art of the Body and Beauty in a Canvased Skin make this an Ocular Treat Rarely Tasted…http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/http://graffitikings.co.uk/radio-blog/sanpiano:guido van heltonedwardnightingale:Roots, Mexico City 2017lostangelesstreetart:@artworkbyartlord #streetart #losangeles #mural #art #streetartist #marilynmonroe #urbanart #rsa_graffiti #rsa_preciousjunk #rsa_streetview #dsb_graff #artist #arte #arteurbano #be_one_urbanart #royalsnappingartists #tv_streetart #infamous_family #igla #LA #melrose #alley #alleyart #palmtree #hollywood (at Melrose Avenue)kygo:instagram: phillipeithartpornmagazine:Jed Devine  Artporn Magazine is on Facebooklupitovi:  David Walker✪ PIMP MY KICKS by Graffiti Kings ✪————————————————-►► www.graffitikings.co.uk/blog ►►me-myself-and—-i:  ❤❤artprimo:  The homie @omsk167 killin it at #splashfestival 💦💦💦soundsnaked:  Source: @the_hulaatasc13:Berlin (RFA), Urban Nation, 2017, par D*Face & Shepard Faireycoloursxart:  By Chris Saunderssoundsnaked:  Source: @gondekdrawskygo:  instagram: phillipeithvistale:You’re never alone in the ocean.new-brutalism:Blackwall Tunnel ventilation towers, Terry Farrell for GLC Architect’s Dept. 1964Photo: Simon Phippsnoisemx:  Jon Jaylo - For Better, For Worse (2017).Pen & Ink on Watercolor Board.streetartscavenger:  By @vonpaulandcourtney (instagram)barbarapicci:  “The end” by #ElenaLópezFerran#error404 #visualpoetry #toiletpaper #lolmr-mahaffey:  Happy (almost) 4th! And cheers to those who celebrate freedom above war and love above hate.idleimages:  Casually.streetbefashion:  Dress Well Or Die Trying: Follow @streetbefashion​streetbefashion:  ethvnknt:More Here | IG | ETHVNKNTDress Well Or Die Trying: Follow @streetbefashion​streetartsf:  I loved this town.Unknown.Lombard St @ Steiner in San Francisco, Cacourvr:  courv.rpassemag:x xthelavishsociety:  Nike Wmns Flyknit Lunar 3 by Titolo Shop (Shop) | LVSHkygo:  follow @yungsage for moremadstylers:  madstylers.com SHANE BY @shanehello_______________________#madstylers #graffiti #graff #style #colorful #graffporn #stylewriting #summer #sprayart #graffitiart http://ift.tt/2t1W5cGyasputa:  yasputaerror888:Two members of the Bertram Mills Circus walk head-to-head at Hammersmith Broadway in London, 1953 / HistoryPornvividessentials:   Tasty selection of gourmet burgers and skewers | vividessentials Visit Vivid Essentials on Instagram!artmoi:  @sethglobepainter-blog in Rennes / photo by @sophiedf35artmoi:  @tatunga and @kameahadar in orlando, florida / photo by @themuseumofurbanartartmoi:  @sethglobepainter-blog in paris / photo by @miclgbetrosla:  Palma de Mallorca. Mallorca. Illes Balears. 17/04/2017. Foto de Pepín.nycnostalgia:  The couple that wears leather together, stays together.soldiers-of-war:  VENEZUELA. Caracas. May 8, 2017. A Venezuelan opposition activist sits against a wall reading “Freedom!” during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro.Photograph: Juan Barreto/AFP/Gettycoloursxart:  Peace Waratah by Shepard Fairey - Located in Sydney, Australiathcrstlshp:  Our good friend and The Crystal Ship artist @1010zzz just completed his latest work for @muralfestival! #loveoostende #loveabstract #loveleentje https://www.instagram.com/p/BVsTDzcjqVb/noisemx:  Liudmila Kirdiashkina - Hawk Suit.


diplomat magazine graffiti cover with darren cullen

Diplomat Magazine feature graffiti artist SER :)

We got a feature in Diplomat magazine 🙂 BRRRAAAAAPPPPPPP Not anyone can buy this. It is for selected individuals of Diplomat occupation! We are the only suitable candidates to offer such a design service whilst opening the eyes of Diplomats to that of turning what was once a criminal endeavour into a successful legal business […]

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