Royal Shakespeare Company graffiti project

rsc Royal Shakespeare Company graffitirsc Royal Shakespeare Company graffitirsc Royal Shakespeare Company graffiti

What they required: They wanted a street look, something completely different to what you would usually associate with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The RSC are a progressive company who understand the need to evolve, to reflect the cultural changes in our society. Interest in Graffiti/street art is growing so rapidly it was only a matter of time a company of RSC’s prestige got in touch.

Outcome: Over a hundred years of history at the RSC they have always used their own artists to design their sets. This time they looked to us. To create something that will relate to those who are spending their money which is the current generation and the up and coming generation that are intrigued by street art. The set is certainly an extraordinary piece that converged all sides of the walls and floor together as one. They got more than they expected & a tear drop or 2 was dropped.

Written by Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings

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