We have a number of exciting and visually engaging methods that we can use to create a bespoke campaign, especially for your needs, ranging from washable, environmentally friendly art to more permanent murals and physical installations.

Three Street Art Mural
Graffiti Kings has exclusive access to a large selection of amazing sites right in the heart of Shoreditch, Soho, Camden and Notting Hill, targeting a creative and diverse audience. We are constantly scouting new locations that have the highest amount of footfall to ensure your campaign receives as many impressions as possible.

We also carry out in-depth research before any campaign and check the street / pavement material and cleanliness to ensure your adverts stand out and draws people’s attention.



Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Advertising is a brilliant way to deliver your brand message, particularly when targeting a young, trendy audience.

We can use our great contacts to commission famous and respected artists and/or local artists to produce a mural that is more striking than just a standard billboard.

We have extensive experience with arranging permission for public art with authorities, who we can contact on your behalf.

Street Art Advertising

Graffiti campaigns like this are the most effective way to reach a wide audience, including the guaranteed free media coverage and huge social media attention that we have experienced street art projects gain.

Murals are a powerful platform that will give people on the street the chance to engage with your brand, and can also be used for social and PR content to generate a huge amount of online interaction.


Chalk advertising is a way of having your message, logo, or web address spray painted onto the floor using only temporary chalk spray paint. Unlike using ‘normal’ spray paint, chalk spray paint can be completely removed from surfaces.

Clean Graffiti Advertising

Chalk Graffiti Advertising
We will custom make your very own detailed laser cut stencil. Artwork and text can be provided by yourself, or we can design a stencil for you. Our team of professional street artists can stencil your advert onto specific locations, with high footfall, for the general public to interact with. The chalk advertising lasts up to to 3 months and can be removed easily.


Similar effects can be achieved using our Pavement Vinyls. They can be printed in any colour or shape and can placed and removed easily without causing mess or leaving behind residue.


Clean Graffiti Advertising

Clean Graffiti Advertising
Clean advertising or reverse graffiti is a natural,temporary eco-friendly advertising solution.We take your advert and clean it onto dirty pavements and walls with pressure washers in targeted locations to leave a reverse, clean impression.

We will custom make your very own detailed laser cut stencil. Artwork and text can be provided by yourself, or we can design a stencil for you.


A step up from 2D Graffiti Advertising, 3D Street Art is interactive, fascinating and often humorous.

The anamorphic “wow” factor is created by the perceived height or depth of the image. It creates a natural opportunity for brand engagement either in real life or online, via inevitable photo sharing. Our team of talented 3D artists, you’re guaranteed consumer engagement and media attention with an exciting visual campaign in a busy public space.


Flyposting and Wheatpasting
B2 and 4 Sheet posters in exclusive designated city centre locations at unbeatable prices.

Static Cling Posters

Cling Posters work with a static charge to stick to almost any clean flat surface. They can be printed in full colour almost any size and shape. They are amazingly flexible, sticking on both sides and can be detached and repositioned a number of times without damaging the surface or leaving a residue.

Outdoor Video Projections

Projection of still and moving images onto buildings of your choice.

Mud Advertising

Mud advertising works in the same way as chalk advertising, but instead of using chalk sprays we use mud and water to create the design of your stencil on the floor.

Rain Advertising

Hydrophobic spray repels rain to reveal your message or logo.