So you may have heard about The Inner Circle by now. It’s the selective dating app which ‘screens’ every user upon registration to make sure they fit their ‘criteria.’ A criteria that is meant to consist of like-minded, ambitious, young professionals.

Rightly or wrongly many people have their own assumptions and opinions about the controversial dating app. To quote a few responses from sarcastic and sceptical onlookers:

“The Inner Circle. Is that where all the rich snobs can date other rich snobs.” – Male fb commenter

“Only the rich and beautiful need apply I suspect?” – Female fb commenter

One thing that’s for sure though is that The Inner Circle’s network is growing fast and they certainly are getting a lot of attention. After all – who wouldn’t want to date “the rich and beautiful?” So we at Graffiti Kings decided to take a closer look at The Inner Circle – on the one hand we thought the screening process, their exclusive parties and the general selective nature of the app indicate an elitist, pretentious society. On the other hand, who wouldn’t want to be part of a network of hot, rich singles.

So we registered and decided to have a look around. And you know what:

THE INNER CIRCLE IS FULL OF NICE NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME !!! The main difference we found from other dating apps is that there weren’t so many – how do you call it… “weirdos.” No uninspiring opening one-liners with poorly, constructed sexual implications and no sea of unconvincing and incompatible matches. On The Inner Circle you don’t have to wait for a match either, anyone can message anyone which gives the app a nice open and honest feel to it.

What’s more is we had a prowl through their events. They hosted crazy golf in the vaults at Shoreditch – Right up our street! They host regular monthly events in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich and NYC in some of the most interesting and quirky venues around town. From Alice and Wonderland themed all night parties at The Century Club in London to after work drinks in Berlin at Sodom & Gomorra. So make sure if you’re taking a trip to any of these cities you stop by an Inner Circle party as you’ll be sure to meet a bunch of fellow stitched on, up for fun singles.

So whatever you think of The Inner Circle, don’t knock it till you’ve tried. Sign up here for free today

The Inner Circle


Written by Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings

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