Graffiti Kings were challenged to celebrate TSB’s sponsorship of Pride of Britain and in particular Pride of Birmingham and the North East with a non traditional outdoor advertising campaign documented and supported by digital content that highlighted the stories of the winners.


The target audience were local community members of Birmingham and Newcastle and followers of TSB across social media and online.



To create two large-scale pieces that tell the stories of the Pride of Birmingham and Pride of the North East winners and film the process to share online.


We celebrated the winners from Pride of Birmingham and the North East by painting two large-scale murals in prime high footfall locations in Birmingham and Gateshead. We hired a team of local artists to design and paint the artwork. We featured a quote from the winners and blue plaques on each signifying the work they’ve done to win in a similar style to London’s blue plaques. We featured the logos of all parties involved in the project and a hashtag. The whole process was filmed from start to finish to and was put together into various clips highlighting the painting of the mural. All was shared across social media with the hashtag #TSBLocalPride.


Graffiti Kings Facebook Views – 3.3 Million

Graffiti Kings Facebook Likes – 30,000

Graffiti Kings Facebook Comments – 194

Graffiti Kings Facebook Shares – 2,885

Graffiti Kings Instagram Views – 1,098,720

Graffiti Kings Instagram Comments – 57

TSB Facebook Views – 323,015

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TSB Instagram Views – 526

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