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Graffiti Kings was founded by London graffiti artist SER aka Darren Cullen

Graffiti Artist

.Darren has been given the prestigious privilege of being the only professional graffiti artist approved by the British Government and official street artist for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Graffiti Street Art Artist

We don’t say we’re the best at what we do, or we’re the UK’s leading company like everyone else, we let our artwork do the talking but here’s some blurb about us. Graffiti Kings is NOT an artist agency, so there’s no project middleman sending you any young artist that happens to be available for that day, we are who you work with from start to finish. The way we work is simple, we provide you the best Graffiti Kings artist suited to the style/look of Street Art you require for your project. You can choose from the 80s New York? the many different modern Street Art styles, Photorealism, 3D, Abstract to Graphic or Fine Art. Spray Can art has evolved and we have been here from the start, we are the Graffiti Kings. Est 1983 🙂 where not called the Kings to sound good.

We have been painting graffiti since 1983 the birth of British graffiti and this is why our clients continue to commission us, again and again, knowing that we provide the best and most authentic professional service available within the street art culture that you and everyone else will love and remember forever. Customer service is King and this is our best advert because when you love your job it shows in the service and the smiles on our client’s faces.

We are a team of old friends that have grown to know each other’s creative strengths, which has helped us grow organically into an urban creative brand for the street art world. We give you our passion as it is our hobby and our life, and being paid to be an artist is a bonus, it really is. When we say, artist, we don’t just mean the art murals we create as every Graffiti Kings team member creates art in what they do, from the video production team who have won awards for creative filming, to our very creative events team. We don’t just create amazing works of arts we create amazing lifetime memories.

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We specialise in creating awe-inspiring events and art murals outdoors and indoors on every type of surface from small commissioned pieces of art for gifts, bedroom murals, graffiti workshops, live events, to painting the side of highrise buildings around the world for the worlds biggest brands.

Watch the video below of us painting a MASSIVE Hollywood film poster



If you need online exposure we give you access to our 2.5 million Facebook followers on the only authentic graffiti page in the world verified by Facebook. We are a worldwide authentic graffiti and urban sub-culture brand and a trusted leader within the global street culture community. Videos we solely create and post on our fan pages have over 300 million views. You don’t need a local high footfall wall mural, you need a worldwide viral video and we are the only authentic graffiti brand who can truly give you that 🙂 more info here.


Contact us for a quote, or just to discuss your idea, whether for a graffiti bedroom mural, office mural, graffiti workshop, large scale outdoor mural or event.

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