10 More Artists Doing Something UNIQUE!

My last post, 10 Amazingly Unique Street Artists, was full of incredible artists – some famous, some not so much. Regardless of how well known they are, the one thing that linked them all is that they are all doing something that I consider to be unique; something nobody else is doing!

But I can’t stop at 10. It seems nearly everyday I see something fresh – an idea or concept so incredible and unique that I knew I was going to have to write a part 2 😉

So here’s 10 artists I’ve been following who are absolutely amazing at what they do – mainly because nobody else is doing it!

#1. Levalet

Levalet’s work is interesting because: it’s always black and white, it’s always paste-ups and it always looks realistic, even though it’s obviously 2D.

It’s the ‘sketchy’ appearance of his work that makes it look weirdly realistic. It reminds me a little bit of the famous music video by AhaTake On Me’.


What’s most exciting about his work though is that his pieces interact with the street to actually create an immersive art piece.

He particularly likes to use weathered, eroded, walls and urban spaces for his pieces to interact with. To me, it feels like it gives life to something that is so often overlooked or holds no importance or significance to people’s everyday lives.

Something about it I just love – it’s a simple concept, executed in a way that can’t be very simple to create.

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#2. Ear & There

I’ve loved Ear and There since… forever.

It’s a project I always thought was so cool; plastic ears that invade the world! All it takes is the artist sending you some ears to whichever country in the world you live in, you place them wherever you want and voila! The ear is installed in yet another country.

The rate at which these ears have spread is kinda crazy; it’s a pretty prolific invasion! 560 ears in 63 countries, and counting…

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Placing an ear on the John Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic

Placing an ear on the John Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic

#3. Lex Zooz

Lex Zooz is less well-known and yet one of my favourite artists because his/her work is so pretty and otherworldly. .

Lex works in almost exclusively pastel colours and uses a gradient effect a lot, which creates a sort of dreamy, psychedelic appeal. When this kind of work is placed in the context of nature, or just an urban environment, it really makes the work stand out and adds a little touch of ethereal magic to the location.






#4. Spidertag

Spidertag is pushing the boundaries of what street and urban art can be.

Describing his work as ‘neon minimalism’, he creates amazing geometric designs out of nails and string that are installed in the street and other urban locations. Most recently his work has involved neon lights in the place of the string, which make the artwork even more unique.

A mix of abstract and geometrical, some of his pieces are installed in urban environments that really highlight and enhance both of these elements to his work. The abstract elements are enhanced by the unlikely places he installs his work. The geometrical elements are enhanced by the contrast between their methodical and systematic method and the freedom of the urban space.

Artwork like this would not be out of place in a contemporary art gallery; placing it in the context of the ruins of a building give it a different character and appeal.

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#5. MD (Motique Designs)

 Motique Designs replaces and adds to walls with their own mosaic-style bricks.

Shattered porcelain is rearranged into a brick shape, with splatters of paint adding colour and an abstract aesthetic to the finished piece.

Installing these bricks gives a plain wall a sense of character and fun, whilst also creating intrigue (“why is it there, and who put it there?”). Spotting one is always fun because they are all different; colours, arrangements of the bricks, locations and abstract/geometric-style influence vary from one brick to another.





#6. Luzinterruptus

This art collective specialises in ‘light installations’ in the urban environment, but they have delved into other types of installation, like this one that they did for the Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto.

Entitled ‘Literature Vs. Traffic’, they installed 10,000 donated books into what is normally a busy road, rendering the road unusable for traffic and instead a place dedicated to reading and calm, instead of crazy traffic and pollution. People who stopped by to experience the installation were welcome to sit and read, and take home a book if they wanted to.

They had previously installed this in the streets of Madrid and New York illegally, but this time they were actually invited to Toronto to install their piece. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s beautiful.

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Read A River Made Of 10,000 Books in Toronto

Read more about Luzinterruptus

#7. Philippe Baudelocque

Philippe Baudelocque first came to my attention when I saw his animal drawings in chalk and oil pastel on the streets of Canada.

His work has progressed through use of various mediums and incorporating various themes; solar systems and galaxies, geometrical patterns, and nature all presented in very detailed chalk and oil pastel drawings, and nearly exclusively in black and white.

There is something amazing about his work; the contrast between the simplicity of the black and white colour theme, and the complexity and detail of the pieces. Take a look through his work and you’ll surely see how special the work of this ‘graphiste cosmique’ (cosmic graphic artist) is.




#8. Slinkachu

Slinkachu’s quite well known but for those who don’t know him, you might love his work.

Slinkachu uses tiny little figures of humans and leaves them outside, normally in a way that means they look like they are interacting with the space.

He takes photos of these little people doing stuff; sitting on cigarette butts, being stabbed in the heart by a Donald Trump pin, having miniature fights, doing everyday tasks like sweeping up leaves, and various other random but entertaining situations.




#9. Tape Over Berlin

Tape Over Berlin create beautiful, geometric-inspired pieces of work with tape.

More recently their work has progressed onto using different methods and mediums to achieve new styles and pieces that are more complex and visually striking in a very different way to their older work. They’ve created installations with their tape patterns, collaborated with graffiti and painting to create spontaneous murals and interactive pieces, made outside pieces, inside pieces and light-up pieces… there really is no end to what creativity can be achieved through experimentation with their tape art.

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#10. Sam3

Sam3 draws, paints and creates installations (and videos), that interact with a space to bring the work to life.

Most of his work looks like ‘shadows’; that is, the figures he incorporates are nroamlly all black, or black and white. This gives an element of simplicity to his work that means you don’t get distracted by the colour and instead focus more on what’s actually happening in the piece.

Most of his work is quite surreal; dark figures entwined with nature and space, with both appearing as part of their bodies. It appears to me that his work highlights how humans are separated from nature in a way that is unnatural and at times morally challenging.







** All photos from respective artists Instagram accounts unless stated otherwise**

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