12 Best Cities in Europe For Street Art!

Europe: Hub of Awesome Street Art!

One of the best things about being a lover of street art is that no matter where you go in Europe you can guarantee that you’ll find some! And with street and urban art becoming more widely accepted, it’s only going to keep growing…

As widespread as most street artists are with their art (it’s pretty typical for most street artists to also be world-travellers, painting and pasting everywhere they go), it is not uncommon for artists from certain regions or continents to be inspired by the place they come from. And with each city and country comes their own special flair; from explosions of colour and vibrant patterns in Brazil to scathing political pieces in Athens, Greece.

Amongst the street art in Europe, huge mural-style street art pieces are becoming more and more common to see in major cities, alongside smaller pieces – both commissioned and illegal. The world, it seems, is literally a canvas!

With that being said, here are some of the best cities in Europe to see awesome street art. And most of them can be visited on the cheap… so you’ve got no excuse 😉

1. London, England


ARTIST: Stik / source

Artist: Roa

ARTIST: Roa / source

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Artist: Astro

ARTIST: Astro / source

ARTIST: Pixel Pancho

ARTIST: Pixel Pancho / source

3. Berlin, Germany


ARTIST: Nunca / source

ARTIST: Herakut

ARTIST: Herakut / source

4. Paris, France

ARTIST: Hazul Luzah

ARTIST: Hazul Luzahsource

5. Barcelona, Spain


ARTIST: Santa Sudaka

ARTIST: Santa Sudaka / source

6. Lodz, Poland


ARTIST: Aryz / source


ARTIST: Gregor / source

7. Bristol, England

Artist: Jody

ARTIST: Jody / source

ARTIST: PichiAvo

ARTIST: PichiAvo / source

8. Ghent, Belgium

ARTIST: Huascaya

ARTIST: Huascaya / source

9. Granada, Spain


ARTIST: Cheko / source

10. Marseille, France

ARTIST: Remy Uno

ARTIST: Remy Uno / source

11. Linz, Austria

ARTIST: Nychos

ARTIST: Nychos / source

12. Frankfurt, Germany


ARTIST: Tinhosource


ARTIST: eL Seed / source