Charlie Buster NFTS

Charlie Buster NFTS

Charlie Buster presents the HAVE FAITH IN THE FIB NFT collection. Q1: Step 1: The first blank NFT spider web and price rise structure for the first 13 weeks will be available to show the mint rarity and placement of all the NFT drops in the burn structure for all NFT drops in Q1. Step […]

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Bitcoin Pepe

Bitcoin Pepe Crypto Toy

BITCOIN P£P£ the BULLISH Bboy Bullfrog This oldskool dude has been rapping & stacking #SATS & $GOLD for years Now he’s here to tell us about his life story as a Rapper for Hip-Hop legends RUN $BTC Hand made/casted from solid resin & hand painted 😎 Our first collection sold out right away & more […]

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Graff PUNK$ Project  – & – Graff PUNKS Royale – Play2earn NFT Game – The Graff PUNKS project is an ongoing program for minors to help educate them about NFTs. While at the same time as learning everyone is earning 😆  Darren Cullen founder/artist of Graffiti Kings is an avid sponsor of kids and […]

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Meme NFT Drop

Graffiti Kings comes to MEME and with them, is the largest verified graffiti art page on Facebook with over 2.3 Million followers and have created art for Jack Daniel’s, Lego, Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Justin Bieber, Playstation, Nike, Sony, Red Bull, Adidas, Google among many others. They’ve even painted murals across the streets of London for many TV shows […]

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Graffiti Queens NFT Art

NFT by artist @SarahPU51FLY  Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition April 3rd ‘We wouldn’t be Kings without our Queens.’ Darren Cullen, Graffiti King. The Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition takes place on April 3rd in Decentraland. For the first time in Crypto Art History there is an all-female, no artist limit, no rules apply, no fees, […]

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Mark Bode x Graffiti Kings T-Shirt

. Graffiti Kings London. . free shipping worldwide . EXCLUSIVE COLLABORATION WHEN ITS GONE ITS GONE SIGN OUR DROP LIST BELOW FOR RELEASE DATE . Our products are very limited collectable artwear pieces, wear them with swag or collect them. . . Hand printed & stitched to order in our small London print studio so […]

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Graffiti Kings Teq63 by Quiccs

Graffiti Kings Teq63   Its finally here 🙂 our latest collab with toy designer Quiccs. For those that have no idea what this post is about then very simple its……. the toy fiqure pictured is called Teq63 and designed by an artist named Quiccs. We have partnered with Quiccs and released this new Teq63 toy […]

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Graffiti Kings and guest artist RunDMB.

Our new toy release Tommy Knuckles hand painted by artist @rundmbvinyl – each toy also comes with an original hand painted framed canvas. MIC DROP gif loading… . Dropping 5pm GMT UK time on Sunday 3rd March . . Graffiti Kings presents the ”3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER TOUR” with special guest artist RunDMB. . […]

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Graffiti Kings x The 3D Hero

WU Tang Bee Clan by The 3D Hero x Graffiti Kings!

WU Tang Bee Clan by The 3D Hero x Graffiti Kings! Graffiti Kings presents the ”3 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER TOUR” with special guest artist The 3D Hero . Over the next few months we will be collaborating with many world-renowned toy artists and dropping 3 custom toys with each artist. . The newest […]

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Monty’s Bar the Brick Lane hangout at the heart of the London Street Art Scene

Monty’s Bar at top end of Brick Lane in London is the place to go if ever you need a street art fix alongside your beer and the hub of the street art scene in the area. For the past ten years it’s been at the heart of things! Supporting artists by providing walls for […]

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Street Art Artist

Street Art Magic – The 20 Best Street Art Paintings EVER.

Street Art is more popular than ever & Street Artists are becoming much more creative. Instead of pointless vandalizing these impressive works really captivate you & becoming the new trend. These 20 Street Art pieces are really exceptional because they establish a connection with their environment. It’s incredible that the Street Artists even thought of […]

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Marco B

When Street Art & Classical Art Collide!

Classical Art & Street Art: A Beautiful Combination Street art has always been a very wide umbrella term for art that is presented or created in the urban environment (or ‘the streets’). Although many people argue over what truly defines ‘street art’ and what types or styles of art can truly be represented by this title, […]

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Ser Darren Cullen Worlds Best Famous Graffiti Artist & Street Artist

World’s Best Famous Graffiti Artist & Street Artist

  Words often used; legendary, world renown, infamous, notorious are said to describe the world’s best & famous Graffiti & Street Artist SER aka Darren Cullen. Hailing from South London SER began his graffiti career way back in 1983 at the very birth of British graffiti; he is regarded as a UK graffiti pioneer and […]

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10 More Artists Doing Something UNIQUE!

My last post, 10 Amazingly Unique Street Artists, was full of incredible artists – some famous, some not so much. Regardless of how well known they are, the one thing that linked them all is that they are all doing something that I consider to be unique; something nobody else is doing! But I can’t stop […]

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Street Art: 5 Artists That Make The Mundane AMAZING

There are a lot of very clever artists who are always on the lookout for that perfect opportunity to create and display a piece of work… whether it be a crack in the road or a tree situated in just the right place to become part of the art. It’s these instances that I enjoy […]

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Abstract-Style Street Art: 7 Amazing Artists

Abstract Art: What Is It? Most people (art lovers or not) will know of at least one famous classical abstract artist, even if they’re not entirely familiar with what abstract art actually is. If you’ve heard of Pollock, Kandinsky, Matisse, Mondrian, Klee or Rothko, then you’ll at least have an idea of what it is.   […]

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urban art spree berlin rawtempel juli

8 Epic Locations For Street Art & Graffiti

Urban art can be found in pretty much every major city in the world. Most cities have multiple locations where you can go see street art, and graffiti art saturates nearly every city (if you know where to look for the really good stuff 😉 ) 8 So, understandably, choosing just 8 awesome locations for street art […]

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J Besset

10 Street Artists You Should Know About

I’ve always loved smaller, lesser-known artists in the street and urban art world. I mean, there’s thousands of artists who are really famous for what they do, whether it be amazing murals, crazy installations or playful stencil work – big names we all know and love because their work is unique, stylised and created with insane […]

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Street Art: 9 Female Artists Who Are KILLIN' It

First off, let me start by saying that the street art scene is full of talented individuals, all of whose skill and creativity are not affected whatsoever by their sex or gender. However, many people would agree that female street artists are under-represented, what with there being an imbalanced ratio of more men than there are […]

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Graffiti Kings

Tagging: 10 Pics That Prove It Can Be Art

Tagging is everywhere. There is not one city, town, village, underpass or toilet that doesn’t have at least one of these ‘urban autographs’ .

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