British Inspiration Awards Live Graffiti

Skip forward to 4.58 to see our happy faces given our views on the event.

We was asked to paint a Graffiti canvas live throughout the London event of The British Inspiration Awards & at the end of the night the artwork was auctioned by Richard Madeley to raise money……… The painting sold for a MASSIVE WOPPING £6000 WOW.

Awards are given to pioneers in art, music, design, fashion, entertainment, science, industry and technology, who live and work in Britain. Their website states “It’s a chance for business and individuals to thank all of the people past and present who have made Britain their home, added to our rich culture and given us the opportunities we all enjoy”

Graffiti Kings graffiti artists were on hand to create artwork live in front of the crowd. The unique piece was then auctioned for charity and raised £6000. Many guests at the London venue discussed our art with us and the fact that our company offers more than just graffiti mural services like team building workshops and live event entertainment led to speculation that in a few years perhaps we will be nominated for an award ourselves! I’m not sure about that but I am sure that we will continue to push the boundaries of modern graffiti relentlessly.

British Inspiration Awards -Sorted

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