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Client: ED HARDY

Not only do we make walls come to life with great graffiti murals but we also hand make any design in to 3D. Ed Hardy wanted their tiger design to stand out on their walls with BIG impact, so that’s exactly what we did for them with this 6ft 3D tiger head.

Ed Hardy is an old skool company, but they wanted something different to keep themselves up to date, but maintain their old skool authentic image. They needed a company that can recreate their designs over a huge scale but keep the brands honesty and integrity intact. No other design agency can offer the skill set we can provide. Over the last year we have been doing just that and working VERY HARD with one of the world’s BIGGEST fashion leaders. We created a 6ft 3D Tiger, Retail unit shop interior, as well as other projects in CHINA! We have an on-going relationship with Ed Hardy and have other imaginative ideas in store for you coming soon!

Ed Hardy Graffiti Murals – DONE

Testimonial: “We decided we needed some graffiti artists to realise our vision of the Manchester flagship store. We met with a few artists before commissioning the project but it became clear that the Graffiti Kings were the ones to hire. They contributed new ideas and really understood what we wanted. It was their passion and professional outlook that made this an enjoyable project from beginning to end. Their ability to take Ed Hardy’s original flash art and replicate it flawlessly was astounding! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Shizzle.” – John V – Ed Hardy.



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