Graffiti Kings are a creative agency consisting of a worldwide collective of diverse artists and digital marketeers. We are experts in creating exciting and innovative campaigns which change the way audiences engage with their surroundings and creating unique digital content that goes viral. We love it when we have the freedom and opportunity to embrace a project whole-heartedly and do what we do best; communicate brand messages and develop digital incentives in unusual ways.

The creative artwork and concept will provide social media content to generate shareability.

Our engagement and global reach online is huge and relevant with posts regularly going viral. We have a very engaged 2.5 million Facebook fans and 200 thousand combined followers on Twitter and Instagram to host shareable content. Our latest video for example brought over 4 million views in a week.

Recent Examples:

6.5m Views – TSB GK Facebook

2.5m Views – TSB GK Instagram

4.7m Views (posted Friday) – TC Fox GK Facebook

1m Views (posted Friday) – TC FoxGK Instagram

Our videos regularly go viral seeded to our large and highly engaged online community. There are a number of elements we incorporate for this to happen including an emotional connection and story aswell as the highly engaging creativity of the work.We always recommend our work to provoke an emotional connection to the brand we are working with and suggest a story and crowdsourced mechanic behind the content to carry online and in press.

With this and the creativity of the art we are confident of millions of views and huge engagement online from the video aswell as the footfall of the physical location.