Graff PUNK$

The Graff PUNK$ project is an ongoing program for minors to help educate them about NFTs

The Darren Cullen founder/artist of Graffiti Kings is an avid sponsor of kids and teenage artists. He began in 1996 helping kids stay off the streets of London by getting them involved with Graffiti Art projects all over the UK. When he started organizing these projects, Darren saw himself reflected in many of the kids, having also grown up on the tough broken Britain streets of London as a youth, in and out of trouble with the law. Seeing the kids begin to open up and seeing their lives start to change for the better inspired him to keep the projects ongoing for them.

Darren’s enthusiasm for educating kids in art has now spilled over into NFTs as he see this space as the future for artists of all ages.

The Graff PUNK$ project is an ongoing program for minors to help educate them about NFTs and this new digital world we are all entering, from onboarding to minting and teaching them all things metaverse so they can keep doing what they love to do: creating.

To help fund this project the Graffiti Kings team have created & sold MANY NFTS on the Wax blockchain & 100% of Darren`s profits are put back into the Graff PUNK$ project. So far Darren has raised over $500,000 in crypto, if the crypto market is to keep rising this project could see its $500,000 purse 50x in 4 years.

If you would like to support this project you can help by purchasing 1 or more of our new Bitcoin Kid NFT$ HERE:


To make this project extra special, they have teamed up with with some amazing individuals already championing the Metaverse & Youtube world.

R2 Collectibles

R2 Collectables have gladly stepped forward to sponsor the Graff PUNK$ project. Roberto Nichela from R2 said: this is a special project for them and why they were eager to be apart of it:

“The story of the origins of the Graffiti Kings gives us a lot of inspiration and a good idea of how art can mean something to society. When we heard from Darren that he was starting up the Graff PUNKS Project, this was our moment of YES, we want to be able to do something for that. We understand that the supervisors (artists) who led are all doing this on a voluntary basis. My wife also works with vulnerable youth in the Netherlands, she knows that projects on a voluntary basis are a major undertaking and require a lot of energy. That is why we have decided to sponsor this fantastic project.”


The Uplift World team is also enthusiastic about being able to build a virtual space for the youths to showcase their arts as this project goes hand in hand with why the Uplift World was created.

Be part of something bigger:

“The Uplift” is based on the Uplift.Art principle to create a winning scenario for everyone. In this case: every visitor, player, builder, creator or trader of NFTs. Everything is interconnected. Founded on positivity and collaboration, every participant can uplift others in a win-win upward spiral. We want everyone to win in terms of fun, creativity, meaningful connections and experiences, but also in “material” crypto or NFT rewards for being awesome and contributing to the whole. As an example, Uplift.Art gives a big chunk of its revenue to creators, users and, most importantly, up to 50% to selected charitable projects that need funding to make the world a better place.

The Economic Ninja

Say hello to the friendly Economic Ninja who we absolutely love 8(x x)8 on a daily basis over on Youtube the advice he gives out is priceless.

You can now catch him spreading’s the Graff PUNKS news & dream





The PUNK$ are getting ready to drop their own collection of 10,000 unique PFP NFT$ on the $ETH blockchain that will fuel our own $ETH coin, DAO & NFT Battle Game 😆

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