Graffiti Art Project for Npower

What they required: Former Crazy-Gang member and Hollywood hard man, Vinnie Jones has teamed up with the npower Football League to launch a new campaign that aims to tackle anti-social behaviour in the nation’s youth through football.

Npower saw it only fit to include the BEST street art team in the UK, the Graffiti Kings, to produce a backdrop that will catch young people’s eye and pay attention to this message. Street art is seen as cool by young people, along with football being very popular, this positively promotes the message that it would be cooler to participate in football schemes over anti social behaviour.

Outcome: Our street art in itself supports the message of tackling anti – social behaviour through creativity and productivity. So the combination of the two worked really well together. Npower inspires a generation of kids to get off the streets and get on the football pitch which through our part in this viral campaign we have helped deliver this vision. Young people recognise that npower have made the effort to understand what makes them tick and what they like. This is where npower have made the correct decision and have been successful. Will you?