The only art movement in history to be created and taken forward by children.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Jack Sparrow Graffiti Mural


Graffiti Kings is a creative powerhouse.

We are graffiti artists, street artists, animators, filmmakers, illustrators, music producers, DJs, digital & street marketers.

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We have been creating on the streets of London since the early 80s. We scuffed our knees in the golden era of UK BMXing and Skateboarding while at the same time kick-starting the birth of UK Graffiti & Hip Hop. In fact, we are some of the few remaining Godfathers of British Graffiti that are still active today. We would spend every spare minute of the day painting our artwork on the side of any surface possible, then we took our art and painted it on the side of the London Underground system while dodging laser tripwires, razor-sharp fences, and the mighty electric 3rd rail.

Then came the 90s with Acid House and we climbed high-rise tower blocks to set up pirate radio aerials, broadcasting our pioneering music live over London while raving in dark sweaty clubs and fields to REAL DJs with boxes of vinyl without a USB stick or laptop in sight. Hence our love for music and our very own internet radio station Graffiti Kings Radio.

Albert Ainstein Graffiti Mural



With adulthood and rethinking our lives, we started painting walls legally & formed Graffiti Kings, the UK’s first professional graffiti, and street art company. We have collaborated with many global brands & celebrity’s like Adidas, Evisu, Nike, Calvin Klein, Will Smith, Drake, Justin Bieber & Cara Delevingne to name a few.

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We create jaw-dropping content that we share on our unique and exclusive digital arts and culture networks reaching over 12 million followers per month. Offline, our exclusive pedestrian spaces offer an average OTS of over 5 million per month.

We work collaboratively to connect with creative and diverse audiences across the world. We have a passion for creating visually engaging artwork. Our aim is to appeal on a creative level as much as possible so that the work will be shared across the internet.

Our creative process always starts with a good idea; then we bring that idea to life in unique and unexpected ways. This approach, combined with the big impact on the street and online could be the perfect solution for your brief.

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We have over 2.5 million radio listeners we are the biggest online radio station.

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For us, it’s all about quality, not quantity. All our clothes are made to order in the UK by ourselves, we oversee everything. This was key to our new venture as we wanted to make sure that every item we sent out was quality checked. If we wouldn’t wear it we won’t sell it.

Graffiti Kings



Hip Hop music label – We make music and promote real street talent.

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We have a huge social media audience with over 2.5 million+ Facebook fans – 80,000+ Twitter followers and 100,000+ Instagram fans.

Our worldwide audience consists of a hard to reach online demographic of brand-conscious thought leaders, but more importantly an online audience that engages by commenting, liking & sharing in their thousands daily. Graffiti Kings online platforms receive on average 4 million monthly views with 10 million monthly page views.


Graffiti Kings online global rank is currently at very respectable 2.1 million and rising.



Darren Cullen

Director and Founder

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