Graffiti Queens NFT Art

NFT by artist @SarahPU51FLY 

Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition April 3rd

‘We wouldn’t be Kings without our Queens.’ Darren Cullen, Graffiti King.

The Graffiti Queens’ Virtual Art Exhibition takes place on April 3rd in Decentraland. For the first time in Crypto Art History there is an all-female, no artist limit, no rules apply, no fees, no application, and non-platform specific Crypto Art Show.

Celebrities such as Pussy Riot and Viktoria Modesta are taking part, Paris Hilton is talking about it and it’s curated by @CryptoYuna.

Dan from Makerspace is bringing the Venus of the Metaverse into creation and David Moore, founder of Known Origin is gifting smart contracts to cut down on gas.

The launch party is from 8am until 1ipm and are all welcome. There were more than 200 applications so 70 art works were handpicked for the Skate Park in Decentraland and then more sites were added to host the biggest female crypto art show ever.

The Graffiti Queens are taking over.

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