Graffiti Wallpaper For Bedrooms


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graffiti wallpaper spraycan

——– We can post this product worldwide ——–

Hand painted custom “graffiti wallpaper” by the Graffiti Kings Company London.

Since we introduced this product at the start of November 2010 we have hand painted 1000s, this wallpaper is simply outstanding 

The Graffiti Wallpaper you buy from the shops is not what you want, your kids will simply hate it, you want your kids shouting WOW WOW WOW YOUR THE BEST EVER, so get this bespoke hand painted Graffiti Wallpaper with their very own design

Our Graffiti Wallpaper is the same as any other Wallpaper you buy from the store but better.

How we do it.

You tell us the size of your wall then in our art studio we recreate your wall with a plain white wallpaper (the wallpaper is cut a little bigger to make sure it fits your wall) – We then hand paint your very own custom name on the wallpaper using our spray paint magic – when finished we let it dry, roll it up, place in a shipping tube & send it to you, you then apply it to the wall the same way as normal wallpaper using wallpaper paste, simple.


A name in a cool Graffiti style

Any choice of colours, no limit.

– To take this forward is simple –

1) Send us a email with the size of the wall

2) We then reply with a cost inc postage to anywhere in the world

3) You then reply back if you agree with the cost

4) You then pay for the product & we post to you – simple

Only £150 a wall up to 11ft high by 18ft wide – if higher or wider we charge a extra £10 per 1 feet higher & wider.

If you want a Graffiti Wall Mural hand painted directly on your wall & with more detail – look HERE 



“A friend of ours highly recommended the Graffiti Kings so we ordered their Graffiti Wallpaper, 8 days later it was on our daughters wall & WOW our daughter said its SICK 🙂 we thought it was amazing. Thanks Graffiti Kings”

“I must admit I was not happy with our son wanting graffiti on his wall but now that its up in all its glory Im really happy we went with the Graffiti Kings wallpaper, our 2nd son now wants it”

“Thanks Darren, Toby is OVER THE MOON, he sits on his bed with the biggest smile everyday, priceless”

“Two words….. BUY IT”

“We got this as a Christmas present & Im so glad we did, every weekend Terry has his friends round & they all sit there copying it on paper & drawing different versions, I love it”

graffiti wallpaper abstarct