Hay mum Im on TV – Yep Graffiti Kings on TV – again :)

We have appeared on a lot of television shows lately, here is one from the vaults, when we appeared on DIY SOS on BBC1. we was asked to paint 2 graffiti wall murals for the show which was filmed in Liverpool and focused on a family that had fallen on hard times. What you see in this short clip is a really accurate account of how things went down on the show. As soon as we arrived the camera was rolling..

We had no script or preparation time for the wall murals, it was just arrive, interview, start painting! We were pushed for time on the shoot so we had just under 2hours to paint the pieces which included ‘Kyle’ in graffiti style letters and a character with a dirtboard – Kyle’s favourite pastime. This was one of our first TV appearances so we was pretty nervous, but it was a good experience and seeing Kyles reaction to his graffiti bedroom made it all worth while. we had to wait to watch it on television before we found out what he thought of the work as everything had been done in secret while the family was away! we have been recognised for this appearance a couple of times on the job, which is always funny. Pictures from the DIY SOS job and lots of other graffiti pieces can be found in our Hire A graffiti Artist website, where you can choose the package that’s right for you and request a quote instantly.