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I’m from NYC, been here all my life. From the 78 to now. Moved around a lot as a kid cause of rent and also cause my dad at the time when we were with him. He was mentally not all there and would fight a lot, so that caused us to go from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens to back to Manhattan after we left him. Mom and I stayed in the city (Manhattan) till I left for Brooklyn again in 2006. Been in Bushwick, BK ever since. NYC is my home, regardless of the fact that gentrification is forcing us to reconsider living here. Regardless of how sick I am of struggling here. It’s all I know. This is my home


Truthfully, I started attempting to rap back in the 8th grade (1992) but chose to write poetry cause at the time to be a rapper wasn’t a goal like how it is now. It wasn’t till 1994 that I got bit by the “rapping bug”. Started out “freestyling” but was sooooo bad until one night on the F train with my cousin changed my life. I used to be the one in the crew who carried a radio and would play the music. 


We were on the train and I was playing music and a cop came on and told me to power down. I did, but when he left, I turned it back on. Hahaha which was for nothing cause he came back and made sure it was off. So my cousin AK says out loud “well if there’s no music, guess you’re gonna have to rap cuzzo..” At the time I only had two written verses and could not remember them for shit. Plus as soon as he finished his request, this guy next to me was like “oh word you want a cypher?!” Then proceeds to rap a million times bred than me. My free style ability was so horrible that the people looked at me like I should just die and pick another talent to try. Hahaha all jokes aside though. That night changed my life forever. 


I went home that night so embarrassed but I KNEW TO WANTED TO DO THIS and I swore from that night on, that I would never feel like that again. The next morning, I woke up, packed a bowl and I started practicing how to freestyle and never stopped. It’s been over 20 years now.  Wouldn’t want it to have started any different.  


I’m an emcee. Simple as that. All I really care about as an emcee is to be a dope emcee. When I started out I dreamed I would be in the same speech as ATCQ, KRS ONE, BLACK MOON, etc. Now that I’m older and been spitting bars over 20 years. I just wanna be remembered…period. I love rapping. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s the truth. 


Also I can’t categorize myself because I feel I am capable of various avenues. Like my range is pretty wide. The audience may feel free to categorize me if they need to. I would not be offended. As long as it is not in a “he sucks” category. Haha


I’ve performed so many shows at venues and colleges since 2001. Each moment better than the last, but I’m still waiting for that day to come. I’m not gonna say I haven’t experienced any highs cause I have.  So many dope artists that I’ve cyphered with, chilled with, & learned from. So many audiences where the sound of appreciation was loud and plenty. Yet I’m still on my journey and my biggest achievement is in my sights. When I get there, everyone will know. 


I will say this, one of my biggest achievements since beginning this path overall has been Legendary Cyphers. My bro Majesty had a vision back in 2013 and set off something that has become a staple of NYC HipHop. We come together at Union Square park every Friday night 8-12 from May to November. We had a bigger team at the start but some have part ways to follow their own paths and we wish them well. Sadly, this past October 2016 Majesty passed away leaving behind a legacy that I’m proud to have been at the start with. Being part of his vision with my bros Palladium Philoz, Miky Hustles, & Eli Black is definitely an honor and is my biggest achievement thus far. The “Core Four”, we promised to keep his legacy going. So you will always find me at Legendary Cyphers. 


To Keep pushing my project #bjornagainstoner while also filming new visuals for the EP.  Learning more about this beautiful plant that I medicate with. Because it’s a plant, not a crime. #LegalizeIt


Making sure I’m on the path I pave by Being happy. Getting better lyrically, mentally, & physically. This is all I really have to give the world. Whether it’s 1 person or 1 million. I just want to entertain. This is always my goal. 


So many come to mind…to answer that honestly. Wow. Right now as I’m standing here breathing I’m thinking Big Pun. You gotta understand tho, when Capital Punishment came out. I had only been freestyling for my friends and even though latinos have been part of the HipHop culture since the beginning, I was still always having to prove how dope I was. So to have a Boricua Warrior from the Bronx killing it and introducing a different flow in the game. He was iconic to me. I appreciate when people hear me and say “yooo it’s Pun…” in homage to the King, but I could never match his skill. Yet if he were alive today I would have loved an opportunity to cypher with him. To build even if for a few minutes. That would be dope. Just to be able to say Thanks. Be able to afford to have him on the track just so he can murder it and I wouldn’t even be mad. Haha 


If you don’t mind, I gotta add another dope lyricist. My bro Majesty. Can’t lie, if there really were a way to bring him back to us. We would throw all our money in. We never got to do a collab in all the years we knew each other. From 1999-2016 we never did finish our collab. It’s a funny story for another time but if truly could have him back. Yea most def. I miss him. He was a phenomenal human being and artist. Love you bro. 




If you have Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, Tidal, or any music streaming service. Search #bjornagainstoner or by my name Bjorn Majestik. If you don’t have a subscribed service, you can also stream my EP on YouTube Music. 


You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook Artist Page, Snapchat, Twitter, SoundCloud: @bjornmajestik 


Feel free to holla at me when you hear the project. Audience feedback means the world to me. 


Im at Legendary Cyphers every Friday night till November.  Currently, I’m writing a song that will be on a mixtape by The Filthy Bar Kid. Also finishing up a few collaborations that should be out in a few months. I’m going to also put out more visuals from my project. Planning a video for every track. As well as bring back my YouTube channel “The HAF Hour Show”.  

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