Street Art Skills Training Course

We train professionals who work with young people the skill of Graffiti & Street Art through our Street Art Skills training course.

Graffiti Street Art Training

The UK’s biggest professional graffiti company Graffiti Kings bring you a one-day intensive Graffiti/Street art training course designed for Teachers, Youth Workers, Tutors and any other professionals working with young people.

Graffiti art is and always will be a very popular activity, which is able to excite, amaze and engage young people of all ages and abilities. It is also a great magnet activity, which can be used to tackle many personal and social issues like self esteem, conflict resolution, and crime prevention.  It is clear from our vast experience that workers skilled in graffiti art have added street credibility and respect & are able to access young people more easily, especially the more vulnerable and challenging.

As we enter tough financial times with budgets and resources being cut, services are no longer able to afford to pay for professional artists to run projects. Now you have the opportunity to receive the skills, confidence and our ongoing lifetime support to run in-house workshop/projects whenever you want. We as professional artists want to share our skills, knowledge, and experience so you too can inspire the young people you work with educationally and socially through graffiti art.

On our one-day training course, we will teach you the skills you need in order to be able to conduct your own graffiti art workshops. After attending our intensive course you will be able to run your own graffiti workshops at times and locations to suit you and with the skills, knowledge, and confidence professional training brings.

Graffiti Street Art Training Day 2

Why choose a Street Arts Skills training workshop?

When young people talk about graffiti art, do you feel out of touch or lacking the knowledge to talk confidently to them? Whilst we can’t guarantee to transform you into the next Graffiti King or Banksy, we can give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to talk about graffiti and teach the young people you work with how it is done.

The skills you will learn at one of our workshops are guaranteed to impress the young people you work with and gain their interest.

If you were to hire a graffiti artist to run a workshop with your young people it would cost in the region of £900 for a one-day session for 15 young people. Customer research tells us that this means organisations often find the cost prohibitive, meaning they can only afford to book a professional workshop once a year.

However, for a lower financial outlay, a Street Arts Skills training course leaves you equipped to run workshops whenever you wish, saving you valuable funds that could be much better spent elsewhere. You will be able to run your own workshops, customized to meet your own needs, at times to suit you, with no booking and no need for fund applications.

Why use a Street Arts Skills workshop?

The people attending your own workshops may want to know who trained you and Graffiti Kings is the most highly regarded graffiti art company in the world. Our reputation will guarantee your authenticity when you take the skills we teach you back to your user groups.

We are on hand for post-course support and supply you with a massive aftercare package.

Graffiti Street Art Training Day

About our professional training workshops

First, you do not need to be an artist. Our customers often complain that their not creative and they can’t draw, let us prove you wrong. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about this wonderful art form.

The workshop covers the following areas:

Drafting techniques. Brainstorming. Getting the most from your young people.

Introduction to using spray paint & how to colour in and do finish outlines.

Advanced techniques and cheats, using the types of skills we’d use on our commercial or personal projects.

It may not seem a lot but there’s nothing to it, you just need to know how to do it.

What the training includes

The price includes training for up to 3 people with a dedicated Graffiti Kings tutor working with you all day. 

On completion of the training, every participant will have access to our massive online database with weekly up to date news & info for 1 year. 

Links to helpful websites, history, artists, techniques & news.

Ideas for project themes and lesson plans

Unlimited support via telephone or email

Health and safety guidelines/risk assessments

Info on all the right materials

Info on how to get your project accredited

Where do we run the workshops?

There are two options with respect to location:

1. We come to you.

We can run our workshop at a location of your choice. In order to run the workshop successfully, we require an outdoor area like a garden, car park, courtyard etc with a wall or fence and this area must be at least 2 metres high and 6 metres wide per person. We cover the painting surface so there’s no damage to the painting surface you provide as we will cover the area with a secure tarpaulin to ensure no paint goes onto the surrounding wall.

2. You visit us.

This is the simplest option. You come to our London painting studio and all you need is old clothing.

The costs for the one day training.

The workshop runs from 9am – 6pm and the cost for one day is £800 if you come to us or £800 plus travel costs at cost if we come to you.

We are very flexible. Our training workshops run throughout the year and are available on teacher inset days, school holidays and weekends as well as during term time.

Booking the training day is very simple, contact us via email or phone with the date you want to attend, we send you your booking details, simple. But Im sure you have more questions so feel free to give us a call before you book.