Live Graffiti Art for Microsoft

Modern Jago is a new space in Shoreditch where creative minds can come together to collaborate, learn, play and be inspired by the craft and passion of others.

live graffiti for microsoft

Last week Microsoft was there & they invited their official graffiti artist Darren Cullen & hes team Graffiti Kings.

After months of planning and weeks of building, last night under the glow of an October evening the doors of Modern Jago was opened. The party played host to an inspiring mix of creative, ridiculously talented and excited people. Just the type they wanted to see more of at Modern Jago!

There was a wonderful atmosphere of networking, discovery and the seeds of collaboration were sewn; all to a backdrop of live music from London’s Dirty Leaves & artwork by the Graffiti Kings and visualisations.


Below is the advert for the Microsoft IM A PC, it was shown world wide & features Graffiti Kings head honcho Darren Cullen

What they required: Microsoft needed to hire a world class graffiti artist to be a part of their ‘I’m a PC’ Campaign to be shown worldwide.

Outcome : Microsoft searched and headhunted all over the World for a Graffiti artist that they were happy to represent them in their campaign and chose none other than Graffiti Kings very own CEO & BIG poppa Darren Cullen aka SER! Their diverse campaign was complemented by us in a way of showing ‘The world is your canvas’ quite literally for us but also sending a direct message of creativity to capture the audience into this innovative thinking that both Microsoft and GK have in abundance. Microsoft contacting us goes to show the gaining momentum, strength and impact of graffiti art as a marketing tool in today’s society. As a society we appreciate and understand graffiti as an art form more today than any other generation before. It’s only onwards and upwards from here.

We see many companies using graffiti incorrectly & by doing so they actually alienate themselves from the exact same audience they believed they were targeting.

We can guarantee authenticity by helping create the correct look & feel needed for any project.

Thank You Microsoft

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