Monty’s Bar the Brick Lane hangout at the heart of the London Street Art Scene

Monty’s Bar at top end of Brick Lane in London is the place to go if ever you need a street art fix alongside your beer and the hub of the street art scene in the area.

For the past ten years it’s been at the heart of things! Supporting artists by providing walls for them to paint and, more often than not, by providing a place for them to host pop up shows where affordable art can be bought and where work can be seen.

Mingling alongside people who just want to experience the ever trendy east end will be artists from everywhere. Visit the city as a street artist or writer and the chances are you’ll probably find some kindred spirits in Monty’s.

Now for their 10 year anniversary Monty’s are on a mission to paint pretty much every surface they can. The walls, the tables and the stools are all in the sights as the ongoing Monty’s makeover gets a kick start. We popped in only last week and there’s already been some good progress with an impressive mural from Tommy Fiendish painted to compliment works from the likes of theĀ Nomad Clan, Fio Silva and Artista.

It’s a place we know pretty well and given it’s location on Brick Lane the kind of spot we are drawn back to time and again. This is especially true considering the fact that there’s pretty much always going to be something different to see. So, to celebrate 10 years of Monty’s, here are some pictures of London’s only real street art hangout and the heart of Brick Lanes street art scene.

Monty’s Bar was visited on Tuesday 29 August 2017 and all photos are from then. It is celebrating 10 years of being at the heart of things on Brick Lane. This is the first of a series of guest posts on Graffiti Kings by Inspiring City.

Monty’s Bar Gallery

Monty’s Bar on Brick Lane

Inside Monty’s

Work from the Nomad Clan with miscellaneous pieces from a previous show

New mural from Tommy Fiendish

Mural from Fio Silva with works from the ‘Legends of Monty’s’ show

Table art from Tommy Fiendish

Table art from Lisart

Rare in situ mural from Ben Naz in the basement

Table art from Creed

Alo art on the wall alongside pieces from the most recent show

Ben Naz tribute piece from Pauli Bates on the right with a piece from Perspicere hanging on the left