Mountain Dew Street Art Video goes Viral

A few months back we finished shooting this short viral video for Mountain Dew energy drink. As you’ll see from the video we used paintball guns to produce the artwork “mental”

It’s not so big over but the bright green bottle of fizz that is Mountain Dew (apparently America’s second most popular soft drink after Coca Cola – and it has an ‘energy’ edition) got smart and decided to ask its fans on Facebook who their heroes are.

There were a huge amount of replies, but they picked two of the absolute coolest dudes out there to be the stars of the show: Dave Grohl and Johnny Knoxville. Then they got really smart and phoned in The Graffiti Kings: London’s premier graffiti artists-for-hire. Down in London there’s a famous graffiti spot called Leake Street Tunnel (or just The Tunnels for short) and that’s where the action went down.

The Graffiti Kings graffiti artists, armed with paintball markers, immortalised both Grohl and Knoxville in massive 10ft by 12ft painted murals; which soaked up over 1,000 paintballs.

A pretty cool idea I’m sure you’ll agree, and one which must be going down a treat with Dew fans, if the street art application they have on their Facebook page is anything to go by. It lets fans create their own piece of street art, with the best example potentially winning £5,000.

Mountain Dew Street Art Video – IN THE BAG

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