Original Bob Marley painting by Charlie Buster

Bob Marley Charlie Buster painting

********** Original – One-off – Only 1 painted – Numero Uno **********

Painted & signed by Graffiti Kings artist Charlie Buster

2ft by 2ft framed canvas of Bob Marley

To get good at graffiti can take up to 15 to 20 years, and thats starting at an age of around 14/16, so when you’re in the late 20s of your life you can start to take your art to a professional level. But Charlie is only 16 and yet his already producing artwork like a king?

Charlie Buster Graffiti Artist

Luckily Charlie had the encouragement and inspiration from his dad, Charlie is the son of Graffiti Kings founder & artist Darren Cullen aka SER. At a very early age Charlie would pick up a pen and paintbrush to copy the work by his dad. In the last 3 years Charlie has been using spray paint and the results are just mind blowing. It won’t be long before Charlie takes over Graffiti Kings from his dad and takes over the world, watch this space.


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