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Banksy Hotel

Banksy opens new ‘hotel with the worst views in the world’ on the West Bank

    The Walled Off Hotel is situated on the barrier wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories Controversial artist Banksy has opened a new piece of artwork in the form of a hotel – in one of the most contested areas in the world. The Walled Off Hotel is situated in Bethlehem, near the […]

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Wrangler X Graffiti Kings 8(x x)8 CHALLENGE Under Cover were challenged by Wrangler to encourage consumers to ditch the commute and take the wild way home. INSIGHT Discover the wild side of your city with Wrangler. The commute is a long and boring daily chore. On average, we spend about a year of our lives […]

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London Graffiti Street Art

Drake Street Art Mural for Universal Music London

BRIEF To produce a bold and eye-catching mural and stop motion video to promote the release of Drake’s album ‘Nothing was the Same’ to target alternative music lovers and opinion formers who spend their time in trendy East London. RESULTS An impressive photo-realistic version of Drake’s iconic album cover with an instantly popular viral shared […]

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Absolut Blank Graffiti Street Art London

Absolut Vodka Blank Graffiti Street Art

BRIEF Absolute vodka are an iconic drinks brand with a long affiliation with art. We couldn’t wait to start work on a massive evolving advert, allowing us the creative freedom we love, on the wall of Cordy House, Hoxton. RESULTS The advert gradually built up, gaining momentum, over the course of a month. Passers by […]

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Evisu Graffiti

Evisu Poster Art by Graffiti Kings London

BRIEF We think one of the best ways to engage a broad audience of creatives is to set up a huge online crowdsourced viral competition, which is what we did for iconic, cutting edge Japanese denim brand EVISU to find an up-and-coming artist to be included in our poster exhibition, inspired by the brand.   […]

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Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones X Graffiti Kings 8(x x)8 BRIEF We were asked to produce a painting for the new season of HBO Game of Thrones.   In celebration of the Game of Thrones digital download release, HBO announces the launch of a nationwide art competition, where fans across the UK are being encouraged to create […]

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London Graffiti

House Of Fraser Noose & Monkey Age Of Now

BRIEF To paint an in-store wall mural for clothing brand Age of Now at House of Fraser and produce a live-stream video showing our process.   RESULTS: House of Fraser loved our black and white mural – sometimes a minimal colour palette can be the most effective. The promotional video received over 1.4 million views, 16,000+ […]

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Over the years these Graffiti & Street Artists have been doing some major works of art & blow me away with the amount of artwork they’re doing throughout the year, I’m sure they don’t sleep 🙂 hopefully, this is the case & 2017 will be a year to look forward to. So without further ado here […]

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Female Graffiti Artist Staytrue from Melbourne

Staytrue – believed to be the alias of Yas Evans, from Melbourne, Australia – is a part of the rebellious, graffiti crew known as Buniehole Productions. The young group appear to be following in the footsteps of the elusive Banksy who was allegedly caught spray painting a wall in Melbourne. BANKSY….. REALLY? NOT my words […]

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Street Art Artist

Street Art Magic – The 20 Best Street Art Paintings EVER.

Street Art is more popular than ever & Street Artists are becoming much more creative. Instead of pointless vandalizing these impressive works really captivate you & becoming the new trend. These 20 Street Art pieces are really exceptional because they establish a connection with their environment. It’s incredible that the Street Artists even thought of […]

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Marco B

When Street Art & Classical Art Collide!

Classical Art & Street Art: A Beautiful Combination Street art has always been a very wide umbrella term for art that is presented or created in the urban environment (or ‘the streets’). Although many people argue over what truly defines ‘street art’ and what types or styles of art can truly be represented by this title, […]

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Ser Darren Cullen Worlds Best Famous Graffiti Artist & Street Artist

World’s Best Famous Graffiti Artist & Street Artist

  Words often used; legendary, world renown, infamous, notorious are said to describe the world’s best & famous Graffiti & Street Artist SER aka Darren Cullen. Hailing from South London SER began his graffiti career way back in 1983 at the very birth of British graffiti; he is regarded as a UK graffiti pioneer and […]

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Donald Trump Graffiti Wall

Donald Trump Graffiti Goes Viral

    ON HIS OWN HE WON, ok ok he had Chachi from Happy Days but Hillary had President Obama, Michelle Obama, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Robert De Niro & MANY others, in fact, the whole of Hollywood & the world media tried to bring him down & FAILED, he […]

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10 More Artists Doing Something UNIQUE!

My last post, 10 Amazingly Unique Street Artists, was full of incredible artists – some famous, some not so much. Regardless of how well known they are, the one thing that linked them all is that they are all doing something that I consider to be unique; something nobody else is doing! But I can’t stop […]

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Pride Fitness GYM Graffiti

Pride Fitness GYM Graffiti

You don’t need to have a full blown mural or loads of colour to add some life to workplace & our Pride Fitness project proves just that as the impact this has is mega but not overpowering.

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Street Art: 5 Artists That Make The Mundane AMAZING

There are a lot of very clever artists who are always on the lookout for that perfect opportunity to create and display a piece of work… whether it be a crack in the road or a tree situated in just the right place to become part of the art. It’s these instances that I enjoy […]

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Banksy Film Cans Festival

The Worlds Greatest Street Artists Take Over London

Rare Short Film Of Banksy & Friends Setting Up The Cans Festival In London The Cans Festival (2008) In London, over the weekend 3–5 May 2008, Banksy hosted an exhibition called The Cans Festival. It was situated on Leake Street, a road tunnel formerly used by Eurostar underneath London Waterloo station. Graffiti artists with stencils […]

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Abstract-Style Street Art: 7 Amazing Artists

Abstract Art: What Is It? Most people (art lovers or not) will know of at least one famous classical abstract artist, even if they’re not entirely familiar with what abstract art actually is. If you’ve heard of Pollock, Kandinsky, Matisse, Mondrian, Klee or Rothko, then you’ll at least have an idea of what it is.   […]

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urban art spree berlin rawtempel juli

8 Epic Locations For Street Art & Graffiti

Urban art can be found in pretty much every major city in the world. Most cities have multiple locations where you can go see street art, and graffiti art saturates nearly every city (if you know where to look for the really good stuff 😉 ) 8 So, understandably, choosing just 8 awesome locations for street art […]

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Graffiti Kings artist Gman

Custom Kicks Trainers Sneakers

  Welcome to Graffiti Kings London   Custom Kicks by Graffiti Kings artist Gman All customs can only be done on brand new trainers or very good condition Worldwide orders no problem How it works – 3 simple steps Firstly get in touch with me ”Gman” or Graham 🙂  to discuss your idea – if we both […]

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