Fox Movies – Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Graffiti Mural

rise of the planet of the apes graffiti by graffiti artist Darren Cullen

rise of the planet of the apes graffiti

rise of the planet of the apes graffiti mural

rise of the planet of the apes - apes will rise graffiti london


Fox Movies – What they required: A HUGE street art guerrilla marketing campaign across 5 sites in the UK for their new movie, RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES…


The brief was that the designs must be reflective of the story of the film – Evolution meets revolution, and envisage the achievements of intelligent apes. A fun, innovative way of advertising, that isn’t a two minute plastering job, but something people can visually see over a course of a day evolve. All the time it is up there, it creates a lot of attention. It is something different for people to look at. Simply because it is exactly that, different, people will look at it and consume it.
Our unique approach to these guerrilla type campaigns are so different that we always attract people’s attention. In fact below is feature that was picked up by the BBC One News. They got in touch due to the project going viral on our social sites.
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Outcome: Due to the live presence of the artist in broad daylight gave walkers an intriguing sight with many stopping to take pictures of what was unleashing before them. The pictures being taken by the public was in a instant uploaded live to their Twitter & Facebook pages with tens of thousands retweeting & tagging themselves in the Facebook photos. The process of creating the pieces creates a lot of attention in itself. It goes viral in seconds as people update pictures of a piece of art evolve right before their eyes. They tell their friends there is a live graffiti artist as we are known to be a rare sighting. Due to the explosive popularity of graffiti, we were covered in a new on the spot interview with BBC One about using new tactics such as guerrilla marketing campaigns as an advertising tool.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Graffiti & Street Art Mural Project – EPIC


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