Sekure D x Rooy Sneakers

The Sekure D ‘Dekade’ in collaboration with Rooy (Family and Fiends edition)
This limited run of Family and Friends editions that will feature custom Lace Locks by our friends at LaceSpace and a signed certificate of purchase from Sekure D which will be individually numbered.
The sneakers will price at $95usd for the lows and $110usd for the highs and will be shipped directly out of Melbourne.
If you are overseas and the family and friends edition sells out don’t worry, there will be stock of the Dekade for our US based friends via so make sure to check them out too.
Now a little bit about the sneakers
Designing a sneaker from scratch for production is completely different to customizing and I took the approach of designing a sneaker that I wanted to wear and wear often, in a number of different settings. As sad as it is, I am not all that young now (I’m hardly old though) and the inspiration for this sneaker was to create a slightly more mature shoe, that’s comfortable and can be at almost any occasion.

The direct design inspirations are pretty simple, I like sneakers with interesting panelling, I think it gives them great momentum and with my background in graffiti, it was really important that the lines all flowed together. This means not just the stitching but also the cut of the panels. The speckle is like a spray can over-spray and adds a nice small contrast detailing to the upper of the High.

The idea around having my signature on the bottom was more or less to leave a small mark whenever you step on soft ground, the idea of thousands of little Sekure D logos being imprinted all over the place is pretty funny to me.

The overall aesthetic I think can be appreciated by a number of different audiences which was also very important to me. A number of my previous collaborations have been very loud and graphic based but I wanted this to be super clean with a variety of colour options so it could appeal to everyone.

Being leather and with a variety of panels, I think this is also a great sneaker for customizing. There is good contrast being higher and lower ground and I know for a fact I will be painting pairs, I hope to see other customizers putting their spin on them as well.

Finally, there are a few cutout panels on the back. The heel of a sneaker is so important because it’s so often seen and so often forgotten about.

Sekure D

Sekure D