Claim your FREE Graffiti Kings Snapback Cap


GK Snapback

OK so you want a FREE Graffiti Kings Snapback & Sticker Pack – well we want to give you 1 & 99 other people.

To claim yours is simple – below is a photo of a Banksy Rat, this photo is also featured on 100 other pages on this website.

All you have to do is find 1 of the other Banksy Rat photos hidden on this website, when you find the photo you must leave a (FOUND IT) comment on the page, if the page already has a (FOUND IT) comment you must find a new photo to claim. When you have found it & left a comment simply send us a email with a link to the page & we will get back in touch with you to ask for your shipping address – simple 🙂 Good luck & happy hunting.

Team GK


RULES: 1 Snapback & Sticker Pack per house hold