Sony Graffiti feat Graffiti Kings take over the internet



Sony graffiti campaign – Fresh from the new Sony VAIO summer range – VAIO Duo 13 presents #StudioDUO

World renowned illustrators David Shrigley, Kate Moross, Graffiti Kings and Alex Mathers test the VAIO Duo 13 by asking their fans for ideas to illustrate.

The project was simple and worked out very well, the simple things always work best.

So the plan was:

1. Get 4 illustrators in a room for 4 hours –

2. They then asked their online fans to send them ideas of what to draw –

3. Their fans responded in their 1000s via Facebook and Twitter – 

4. The artists then picked the best ideas and made then come to life in minutes –

5. The artists then posted the finished artworks online to their fans –

6. The fans then re-shared the artworks and by the end of the day, the artworks went viral – to this day we still see them being shared.

With this campaign, Sony reached a massive 2 million+ people in 1 day just using the Graffiti Kings social networks 

Sony We Thank You

Sony Graffiti Kings

Sony & Graffiti Kings

Sony & Graffiti Kings

Sony & Graffiti Kings

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