Another official Graffiti Kings product goes on sale.

Graffiti Artist Darren Cullen from Graffiti Kings

Graffiti Kings head honcho Darren Cullen got so excited about the new SPORTTAPE he would not stop going on about it so we made him stop.

OK so you all know about us so who’s SPORTTAPE.

SPORTTAPE was launchedin 2010. The Eureka moment came after they were treated using kinesiology tape for a sports related injury. They were amazed by how such a simple product (a piece of elasticated cotton tape!) had such an effect. From then on they were on a mission to tell anyone and everyone about the tape. Soon, they were referring so many people that they started to ask where they could buy the tape to apply it themselves. The proverbial penny then dropped.

They quickly established as the leading  website for kinesiology tape in the UK. And have been fortunate enough to have worked with the GB Olympic & Paralympic Medical team & helped thousands of athletes from weekend warriors to international stars.

OK so what has Graffiti Kings got to do with SPORTTAPE.

Well us being ultra BADASSES at making things come to life, SPORTTAPE asked us if we would like to come up with a new design for their new tape.

So Graffiti Kings CEO, Artist, Head Honcho, BIG Poppa, Numero Uno, SER “Darren Cullen” the GREAT designed the new tape & what a killer it is.

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