black widow anamorphic odeith

10 Amazing Anamorphic Street Artists

You might have heard of ‘anamorphic’ art if you’re a fan of the incredible Odeith; one of the biggest names in the urban anamorphic style! If you haven’t heard of him or the anamorphic style then you’re about to be in for a treat because anamorphic art is totally mesmerising; it leaves passersby and street art lovers alike […]

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Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio X Graffiti Kings 8(x x)8 Sony asked us to play with their new Sony Vaio & feature in an online advert if we really liked the product. Well as you can see there’s a Sony Vaio Duo 13 advert below featuring the Graffiti Kings so yes we like their new toy. WHY GO BACK TO THE […]

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sony vaio

Sony Graffiti feat Graffiti Kings take over the internet

    Sony graffiti campaign – Fresh from the new Sony VAIO summer range – VAIO Duo 13 presents #StudioDUO World renowned illustrators David Shrigley, Kate Moross, Graffiti Kings and Alex Mathers test the VAIO Duo 13 by asking their fans for ideas to illustrate. The project was simple and worked out very well, the simple things […]

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nokia graffiti

Nokia Offices Graffiti Murals

Nokia got in touch & said…. Graffiti Kings PLEASE jazz up our offices with your cool out of this world mind blowing magnificent graffiti murals 🙂 we are sick to death of white walls. So we did, nuff said. Nokia We Thank You           Get in touch with Darren Cullen to discuss your graffiti requirements. […]

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