The artwork is the interpretation of the artist and should be agreed upon prior to commencement.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all surfaces are to be painted with a base coat suitable for acrylic spray paint before we start work.

It is the responsibility of the client to communicate any design stipulations required.

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain any copyright permission for any images recreated by our artists.

Clients are responsible for obtaining permission to paint on any and all walls, including but not limited to the permission of landlords, land/building owners, relevant council departments and tenants.

In payment of invoice you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions;

1. Payment in full will be needed before project commencement. Attendance is not guaranteed without payment.

2. Unless stated beforehand any images taken during our work including images of yourself, your clients, your logo and any other footage/photography obtained during a project can be used by us on our website and in our promotional material.

3. No refund or discount will be given if a lesser number than the number of participants agreed upon attend on the day of a workshop or other project.

4. No refund or discount will be given in the event of wet weather during a project. Alternative arrangements/precautions must be made by you before the commencement of the project.

5. Projects cancelled or postponed with less than 7 days notice are subject to a late cancellation fee of 50%.

6. If we are unable to complete work in the allocated an agreed time, due to reasons beyond our control, then the client will be liable for any additional costs incurred, including additional artists’ time taken to complete the work.

7. Graffiti Kings reserves rights and ownership to any artworks created unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the right to use the artwork for its own promotional purposes unless otherwise agreed.

8. It is your responsibility to ensure that all surfaces are covered and that any items of value are removed/reasonably protected. We take no responsibility for paint dust damage to items that were not properly covered or removed.

9. Images created in mockups remain the property of the artist who created them unless otherwise agreed. Any unauthorized reproduction of mockups created by our Artists is prohibited and could result in legal action.

10. It is assumed that the client/commissioner owns the copyright/has sought permission to use any images which they then ask us to reproduce. We will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement through the reproduction of images painted at a client’s request.

Please note: as of today 30th Decembers 2021 00.16am GRAFFITI KINGS LIMITED company number 06927505 has no more connection with this website. We are now a privately run non commercial Art Collective featuring the best artists found in the Graffiti world 😆 artists we consider to be Graffiti KING$ & hence why we needed to purchase this domain from Graffiti Kings LIMITED founder Darren Cullen.

Darren Cullen now joins us as an artist 😆