TalentLAB is a brand new innovative crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform that will offer customers access to an unrivalled boutique of new and unique designs.

TalentLAB will provide creatives with the opportunity to share their ideas directly on the TalentLAB platform for the chance to be shortlisted by MADE.COM – with the first shortlisted designs going live on the website in February 2018.

The MADE.COM customer will then have the chance to pledge a small and refundable deposit (£5 – £30) to register their interest in a product design.

MADE.COM will then commit to the designs with the most pledges, subsequently putting them into production and selling on MADE.COM.

To date over 250 designs have been submitted to TalentLAB, and every two months a new curated collection will be available to customers.


Use clean graffiti to drive awareness and traffic to TalentLAB.
Increase the number of submissions submitted to TalentLAB.
Inspire social media sharing and traffic towards MADE.COM social channels.
Place clean graffiti outside selected locations in London, with the highest concentration of design students.
Place the graffiti in high footfall areas; i.e. the Universities and design schools as well as design museums to target most relevant audience
MADE.COM will provide the design for the clean graffiti – Graffiti Kings to mock up the stencil based on the design and carry out the activations.
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