Graffiti Kings

8(x x)8


Under Cover were challenged by Wrangler to encourage consumers to

ditch the commute and take the wild way home.


Discover the wild side of your city with Wrangler.

The commute is a long and boring daily chore. On average, we spend about a year of our lives travelling to and from the office and statistics show personal happiness decreases with every mile a commuter travels. Wrangler make active wear for the urban adventurer to equip them to discover the hidden adventures in their city. When you leave the A to B you can rediscover your city and your adventurous spirit. Don’t just take the way home, take the wild way home with Wrangler Active Ready.


Working alongside We are PI Agency we formulated an emotional and meaningful brand story based on re-discovering the wild ways of London with Wrangler & Harry Baker.

Join Harry Baker on a spoken word poetry journey as he walks you through secret shortcuts and hidden pathways through London City. Traveling through a graffiti installation of his Wild Way Home poem, follow Harry’s voice and words on an everyday urban adventure.


Street art installation on a secret pathway through London City, marked by Harry Baker’s poem brought to the streets as an installation.

A path that cuts through areas of high footfall, but are unused and forgotten. A quieter exciting route taking you places you wouldn’t normally see.

Bonus: if the path takes you to a place/pub/area that you didn’t know was there. A hidden gem.


Follow Harry’s words on wild walks through the city, step off your A to B, awake from the commuter’s daze and re-awaken your spirit for everyday adventure. Don’t just take the way home, take the wild way home with Wrangler Active Ready.


The social film of the brand act takes the viewer on the journey down the back alleys of London following the poem. POV social film to keep the conversation going on social.