Wretch 32 music video project – watch the video here

wretch32 graffiti dont gowretch32 graffiti dont go wall

What they required: An edgy, provocative music video set for up and coming star Wretch 32’s video ‘Don’t go’!

The wings were there as a visual to spark the imagination of the girl leaving by flying away, whilst the girl holding the umbrella in the rain shows the sorrow behind her leaving. These images were reflective of the lyrics ‘Don’t go’

Outcome: An interesting and original focal point for a video which has reached nearly 1.3 million views on youtube. Using chalk as a medium and a wall as our canvas we yet again demonstrate our expertise are limitless and have no boundaries in our company. Make no mistake we do not just do your typical graffiti, we can do everything from photo realism, abstract, graphic, traditional, marker pen, stencil, 3D product design. We are the MUST HAVE design agency of the twenty first century!