We provided a Graffiti Workshop for the cast of the Hollywood blockbuster Suicide Squad… NUFF SAID

Graffiti Workshop

Producing pieces of art while allowing personal expression, through interaction within their environment. We work with the larger community to create extended initiatives through eg. pathways to education, employment, diversion from negative activities.

graffiti workshops


Our Youth Graffiti Workshops Really Are Great

All you need to do is choose the package which suits your needs & email us to discuss the session.

All our youth graffiti workshops include – Introduction/icebreaker – Session overview & plan.

Ground rules and health and safety – Group discussion of themes, ideas – Drawing, design & planning skills – learning skills- basic spray can techniques, fading colours, special effects and using stencils to create either professional t-shirts, canvases, posters or wall mural.

T-shirts, canvases, poster materials & wall are to be supplied by you, also you must supply masks for each person, we can point you to a online store to simply order & pay for needed materials, its best this way to keep costs to a minimum.

All materials used are water based so no toxic smells – its simply chalk dust & water in a pressurised spray can.

DBS, risk assessments & insurance details are available upon request

Package 1 up to 15 people taking part.

Only £650 plus travel at cost

Package 2 up to 30 people taking part. You must supply 1 support worker.

Only £1000 plus travel at cost

Both packages are for 3 hour workshops – if the workshops are needed for longer hours then more materials are needed so please get in touch for more details.


The Graffiti Kings were great to work with. Great communication with organising the workshop unlike others we had contacted who did not get back to us at all. The artist worked well with the group of young people and encouraged them with their ideas, he was very professional in his approach to the workshop, again unlike other artists we had used in the past.

The young people carried out the project while the Graffiti KiNGS helped and guided them.

I would recommend the team to anyone wanting to carry out an organised Youth Graffiti Workshops! – Angela Pomroy, Manchester.


Sarah Butcher from www.littleilford.newham.sch.uk

Here are some quotes from the students:-

“I think the Graffiti Kings were very kind and helped us a great deal…they taught us a lot about graffiti”

“I wouldn’t want to change the project. I loved it”

“…I learnt my true inner graffiti self…”

“I have never seen anyone as great as the Graffiti Kings…”

“…I wish the project was longer…”

“…I have learnt that if you have a passion for something you shouldn’t throw that passion away as it will take you somewhere in life…”

“I enjoyed the project as it was a good way to bring out and express my creative side”

“I thought the Graffiti Kings were an inspiring duo….and showing how fun and successful graffiti can be”

“I enjoyed the project very much because it brought teamwork and cooperation within our group and also brought friendly competition between all of the other groups”

“I think the Graffiti Kings are fantastic…they have been the best….I had a great time”

I am having trouble attaching the photos to the email but shall have another go!

Thanks so much again – the students loved the project and hopefully we will have the opportunity to run the project again

Best wishes



Visiting Graffiti Kings at their studio in south east London is a great experience for young people to work in a new setting. It is the ideal environment to engage hard to reach young people. The experience is a really dynamic way to rekindle young people’s interest in learning.

The workshop is a safe place in which to work and issues of Health & Safety are comprehensively addressed before the session starts. The young people were really excited by the prospect of working in a lively fully functional art studio.

The facilitators took time to make the young people feel at ease and gave them a lively, interesting graffiti history lesson from its start until the present day. On a practical level they clearly demonstrated correct techniques and what would happen to pieces of art if incorrect techniques were employed. Methods to enhance work were also taught. This scaffolding approach enabled young people to make swift progress and boosted their confidence and self belief.

The facilitators were open and encouraging. They gave the learners an insight into their own personal journeys in the graffiti world, some of which had been difficult and challenging. The learners were able to relate to this. The sessions helped to set a positive tone for the young people and enabled them to believe that, whatever their situation, with hard work and perseverance, they are able to create a strategy and a platform to achieve personal goals.

The workshops were delivered with great enthusiasm and commitment. A culture of inclusion and diversity were developed throughout the session. Everyone, regardless of age, colour, gender and religion could take part and achieve.

At every stage of the workshop the facilitators encouraged the young people to express their creativity on canvas, which the young people relished. They responded well to advice and produced some stunning art work which even surprised them. Any initial reluctance to engage soon evaporated and the seamless transition from graffiti to positivity to finished article was achieved.

At the end of the workshop the young people gained valuable experience of meeting people who believed in their ability. The positive message of what can be achieved if hard work and determination are applied was very much the driving force of the day. Each young person took away their finished piece of art, which I am sure would enable them to remember the experience and which would underpin their sense of achievement.

We shall certainly be using Graffiti Kings again and we would thoroughly recommend their workshops to all organisations working with young people.

Reynold Johnson, Personal Programme Co-ordinator

Paul Harvey, Programme Manager.

SET4Life Surrey


Youth Graffiti Workshops work for everyone

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